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What do developmental psychologists study?
They study the physical, mental, and social changes throughout the human life cycle
What are the three major issues developmental psychologists deal with?
Nature/Nurture, Continuity/Stages, Stability/Change
What is the rooting reflex?
It is the baby's tendency, when touched on the cheek, to open the mouth and search for the nipple
What are teratogens?
They are chemicals that pass through the placenta's screen and may harm an embryo or fetus.
Piaget's First Stage of Cognitive Development
Birth to nearly 2 years
Object Permanence(8 months)
Stranger Anxiety
Piagnet's Second stage of Cognitive Development
2 to 6 years
Preoperational-lacking logical reasoning
Pretend play, egoncentrism, language development
Piaget's Third Stage of Cognitive Development
7 to 11 years
Concrete Operational-grasping analogies, arithmetic
Mathematical Transformations
Piaget's Fourth Stage of Cognitive Development
12 to Adult
Formal Operational-abstract reasoning
Abstract logic, Potential for mature moral reasoning
What is a sensation?
It is the process by which we detect energy from the environment and encode it as neural signals
What is perception?
It is the selection, organization, interpretation of sensory info.