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Procedure for drawing and examining fetal cells sloughed off into amniotic fluid to determine the presence of various disorders
Developmental disorder characterized by extreme aloness and failure to relate to others, communication problems, intolerance of change, and ritualistic behavior
Rod-shaped structures composed of genes that are found within the nuclei of a cell
Dominant Trait
A trait that is expressed
Down syndrome
Chromosomal abnormality characterized by mental retardation and caused by an extra chromosome in the 21st pair
Basic unit or building block of heredity. Genes are composed of DNA
Genetic Counseling
Advice concerning the probabalities that a couples children show genetic abnormalities
Branch of biology that studies heredity
Genetic form or constitution of a person as determined by heredity
Transmission of traits and characeteristics from parent to child by means of genes
Klinefelter Syndrome
A chromosomal disorder found among males that is caused by an extra X sex chromosome and that is characterized by infertility and mild mental retardation
Multifactorial problems
Problems that stem from the interaction of heredity and enviormental factors
A sudden variation in a heritable characteristic as by an accident that affects the composition of genes
Actual form or constitution of a person as determined by heredity and enviormental factors
Reaction Range
Variability in the expression of inherited traits as they are influenced by enviormental factors
Recessive trait
Trait that is not expressed when the gene or genes involved have been paired with dominant genes. They are transmitted to future generations and expressed if paired with other recessive traits
Sex-Linked genetic abnormalities
Abnormalities that are transmitted from generation to generation carried by a sex chromosome usually an X sex chromosome
Sickle Cell Anemia
Genetic disorder that decreases the bloods capacity to carry oxygen
Tay-Sachs disease
A fatal genetic neurological disease
Turner Syndrome
Chromosomal disorder found among females that is caused by having a single X sex chromosome and that is characterized by infertility