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26. by means of, using, through
באמצעותו בְּאֶמְצָעוּת
27. revolution ; reversal
הפיכה הֲפִיכָה
28. to reduce, to cut back, to decrease, to minimize ; to shrink, to narrow ; to abridge
לצמצם צִמְצֵם
29. authority, power of attorney, official authorization
סמכויות סַמְכוּת
30. military leader
מַצְבִּיא  המצביאים
31. however, but, nevertheless .. hall, theater, vestibule
אולם אוּלָם
32. thought ; worry, consideration, interest ; philosophy
33. rule, government ; control ; השלטונות - the authorities.. SULTAN.?
34. sensation ; feeling
תחושתם .. תְּחוּשָׁה
35. process ; development, progression
36. because of, as a result of, on account of
בְּשֶׁל  ובשל
37. motivation
מוֹטִיבַצְיָה, הֲנָעָה
38. to rebel against, to revolt, to mutiny
למרוד מָרַד
39. focused, centered

focused, centered / targeted TARGETED
ממוקדי מְמֻקָּד
40. focus, center ; telephone service center.. focused, centered (adj)
מוֹקֵד .. מְמֻקָּד
41. to strengthen, to raise, to increase
תגביר הִגְבִּיר
42. influence
השפעה הַשְׁפָּעָה
43. participation, inclusion ; sharing ; cooperation
שיתופם שִׁתּוּף
44. MOVE process, step ; development ; move (chess, checkers) ; movement ; (colloquial) gear (in a motorized vehicle) ; walking distance (measured in duration of time, as in a five-minute walk) ; stroke ; במהלך - during, over the course of
במהלכי מַהֲלָךְ