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Types of delusions
1. Paranoid delusion
2. Ideas of reference (Jesus is speaking to me thru the TV)
3. Thought broadcasting
4. Delusions of grandeur
5. Delusions of guilt
Types of hallucinations
Psychosis due to general medical conditions
1. CNS Disease (CVD, MS, CA, PD, Huntington's, encephalitis, prion)

2. Endocrinopathies (Addison's/Cushings, hyper/hypothyroidism, hyper/hypocalcemia, hypopituitarism)

3. Nutritional (B12, folate, niacin)

4. Other (SLE, GCA, porphyria)
Positive sx for schizophrenia
1. hallucinations,
2. delusions,
3. bizarre behavior,
4. thought disorder
Phases of schizophrenia
1. Prodromal: socially withdrawn/irritable
2. Psychotic: perceptual disturbances, delusions, FTD
3. Residual: flat affect, social withdrawal, odd thinking/behavior
5 A's of schizophrenia
1. Anhedonia
2. Affect (flat)
3. Alogia (poverty of speech)
4. Avolition (apathy)
5. Attention (poor)
Subtypes of schizophrenia
1. Paranoid (highest functioning)
2. Disorganized
3. Catatonic - more motor
4. Undifferentiated - mixed/none
5. Residual (prominent negative sx)
Theorized DA patterns in schizophrenics
1. Prefrontal Cortical - (-)sxs
2. Mesolimbic - (+) sxs

1. Tuberoinfundibular - blocked by neuroleptics, causing hyperprolactinemia

2. Nigrostriatal - blocked by neuroleptics, causing EPS