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rx for narcolepsy
other disorders associated with panic disorder
depression, agoraphobia, GAD, substance abuse
rx for acute dystonia with haldol use?
benztropine or diphenhydramine
rx for tourette's
haldol, primozide, clonidine
definition of hypomania
manic sx for <1 wk
abrupt cessation of what benzo can precipitate seizures
antipsychotic associated with pimentary retinopathy
antipsychotic associated with cataracts
generic name for librium
pathophys of intermittent explosive disorder
abnormalities of serotonergic pathways of limbic system
detached personality, not bizarre
domamine's effect on prolactin
inhibits it
antipsychotic effect on dopamine
inhibit it
pregnancy-related complications of anorexia
miscarriage, IUGR, hyperemesis, prematurity, C/S, postpartum depression
risk of bipolar if first degree relative has it
CT finding in schizophrenia
increased size of ventricles
depot antipsychotics
fluphenazine, haldol (for non-compliant pts)
rx for catatonic schizophrenia
class of drugs to avoid in PTSD
what sometimes improves conversion disorder?
sodium amytal
if pt is on buproprion and nicotine replacement, what do you do?
frequent BP checks
recurrent involuntary spasm of perineal muscles surrounding vagina
tx for adjustment disorder
psychotherapy or CBT
tx for social phobia
assertiveness training and SSRI
first line rx for PTSD
avoid what class of drugs in dementia
benzos - can worsen confusion
bipolar I
at least one manic or mixed episode
bipolar II
at least one MDE and one hypomanic episode
serotonin syndrome
if SSRI given with MAOI - fever, myoclonus, MS changes, CV collapse
tranycyclopromine, phenelzine
side effect of venlafaxine
diastolic HTN
side effects of mirtazapine
weight gain, sedation
side effects of trazodone
highly sedating, priapism
side effects of nefazodone
sedation, headache, dry mouth
side effects of TCAS
lethal with overdose secondary to arrhythmia, anticholinergic effects (dry mouth, constipation, urinary retention)
side effects of typical antipsychotics
extrapyramidal sx, hyperprolactinemia, anticholinergic effects, neuroleptic malignant syndrome
side effect of clozapine
side effects of atypical antipsychoitics
weight gain, type 2 DM QT prolongation
what is clozapine used for?
treatment resistance and severe tardive dyskinesia
side effects of carbamazepine
nausea, skin rask, AV block, respiratory depression, rarely aplastic anemia, stevens johnson syndrome
side effects of valproic acid
alopecia, pancreatitis, thrombocytopenia, hepatotoxicity, agranulocytosis
side effects of lamotrigine
ataxia, blurry vision, stevens-johnson syndrome
isolated, detached loner
what percentage of pts with schizophrenia commit suicide?
sx of schizophrenia for <6 mos
sx of schizophrenia with MDD or bipolar
treatment for akathisia associated with antipsychotics
decrease and try B blocker
rx for dyskinesia/pseudoparkinsonism associated wtih antipsychotics
anticholinergic - benztropine or dopamine agonist (amantadine)
if pt has tardive dyskinesia, what can giveing anticholinergics or decreasing neuroleptic do?
may initially worsen TD
definition of MR
IQ <70
opiod withdrawal
anxiety, insomnia, diaphoresis, dilated pupils, N/D, yawning
belligerence, psychosis, impulsiveness, nystagmus, ataxia
PCP intoxication
drug for severe PCP intoxication
pupils in opiod intoxication
patient intentionally causes/feigns symptoms for secondary gain of financial benefit or housing
patietns fabricate sx or cause self-injury to assume sick role
factitious disorder
in what season are most people with schizophrenia born?
treatment for akathisia
try beta blockers
when pt develops TD what should be tried
switch to second generation antipsychotic, e.g. clozapine, risperidone
side effects of chlorpromazine
jaundice and photosensitivity
side effects of lithium
DI, thyroid dysfunction, tremor, CNS effects at toxic levels
what is cyclothymia
at least 2 years of hypomania alternating with depressed mood but no full blown episodes of either
at what age is the risk of suicide highest
over 65
treatment for GAD
buspirone, SSRIs, benzos
what is dissociative/psychogenic fugue?
pt develops amnesia, travels, assumes new identity
non-amphetamine stimulant for narcolepsy
what are the 3 leading causes of death in adolescents?
accidents, homicide, suicide
euphoria, dizziness, slurred speech, feeling of floating, ataxia, sense of heightened power
inhalant intoxication