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The dementia associated with _________ results from a series of small strokes.
Dementia occurs in about _____ of the elderly over 65.
Birren wanted to seperate the effects of primary and secondary aging so he set out to study extremely healthy men. He found that...
Some participants actually had mild disease. Primary aging is associated with psychomotor slowing. Only secondary aging was associated with lower cognitive test scores. (Answer is all of the above)
Which of the forms of dementia can be reversible?
Internal validity is a concept that refers to the degree to which a piece of research allows one to:
draw unambiguous conclusions
Higher doeses of antioxidants, such as Vitamin E, are recommended by proponents of the _______ theory of aging.
Free radical
Using animal subjects, life expectancy is higher under conditions involving
severe caloric restriction
Which of the following is NOT a common age change in visual functioning?
High presbycusis
Which of the following age groups was probably most affected by the experience of the Vietnam War?
Individuals that were adolescence or young adults during the war
Which of the following factors help to explain why ageism is so widespread?
Youth oriented society, the Detroit Syndrome, and Lack of contact between age groups (answer is all of the above)
Which of the following is NOT discussed in the text as part of the contributing causes of Alzheimer's?
The organismic model places most emphasis on
Qualitative change
If we interpret the results of the cross-sectional study as age related changes we can be
confounding age differences and cohort effects
A psychologist who sees human adults as primary passive and responsive to environment is a proponent of the _______ model
The degree to which we can generalize the results of a single study to our understanding of human adulthood is a measure of:
External Validity
In Alzheimer's, which of the following areas of the brain are heavily concentrated with plaques and tangles?
A researcher is interested in the effects of the number of visitors on a patient's life satisfaction. Life satisfaction is called...
Dependant variable
The degree to which a questionaire measures what is it supposed to measure
Free radical theory involved molecules within a cell giving a violent reaction when they encounter:
Experimentor Morality:
Subjects do not return for subsequent measures
Normal, disease free movement across adulthood is termed ____ aging.
Functional assessments is (are):
Evaluations of the basic abilities needed to adequately function in society
The idea that aging is genetically controlled is proposed by _____ theories of aging.
Accommodation is the ability to:
Focus on objects to varying distances
In the typical longitudinal design, all of the following are possible explanations of the results EXCEPT:
Cohort differences
Attending kindergarten is best described as:
normative age-graded influence on change
Visual changes occur with aging makes it difficult to discriminate
blue from green
There is some evidence that individuals become more ____ as the become older
Data income and health differences amoung European, African American, and Latino older adults support the _____ hypothesis of aging and ethnicity
Double Jeopardy
Which of the following is a threat to external validity of a longitudinal design?
Use of only one cohort
__________ is an age related cardiovascular change that results from stiffing of the coronary artery walls
What is not a component of successful aging?
Dealing with social disengagement
Deterioration of the substantia nugra which leads to a reduction in dopamine is responsible for
Parkinson's Disease
In cross-sectional developmental studies, random selection of subjects usually tend to
Maximize cohort effects
Damaged and dying neutrons that collect around a core of protein, produce?
Women may have a less difficult time with aging than men because:
Women fare fewer transitions in life because of their domestic roles
Which of the following statements about health is false?
The incident of acute illness increasing with age
Normative age-graded factors are most likely to influence development during:
Infancy and very old age
The component of Type A by pattern that is most related to heart disease and other diseases is:
Cross-sectional research involved measuring the bx of:
2 cohort at one point of time
As the people in a socity improve their diet and exercize habits, would you expect the maximum longetivity of the society to increase/decrease/remain constant?
Remain constant
Which of the following can never be an independent variable?
When drawing conclusions based on data gathered from developmental research, the major goal is to seperate the effects of:
Age changes, cohort difference, and time measurement
Development can be described as:
Involving gain and loss throughout ones life
Longitudinal studies of intelligence and initial ability level have shown?
the people who score highest at the beginning of the study show the same amount of decline as the people who scores less well
Which aspect is most likey to show declines?
Epigenetic principal in Erikson's theory means that...
each psychosocial crisis has its own special time of importance
Research on the effect of practive on reaction time performance of younger and older adults who that
performance imporves, but age difference remains
Aspect of clinical depression that could have different meaning in older adults...
change in sleeping pattern
Reigal documented that there's a sharp deterioration in intellidence prior to death called...
terminal drop
Not a function disorder in elderly...
Parkinson's Disease
Cross sectional studies of intellidence tend to show ____ when compared to longitudinal studies of intelligence
large age related declines in performance
Items remain in working memory through...
role rehearsal
According the the BIG 5 model, which of the following is not a major dimension of personality?
Horn and Cattel believe that crystallized intelligence increases during adulthood because it reflects...
cumulative effects of learning experiences
Reminiscence Bump refers to older adults' tendency to recall memories from...
late adolescence and early childhood
Baltes' new selective optimization with compensation as a strategy for....
successful aging
Which is not true about meta-memory of older adults?
Older adults self-reports of the frequency of everyday memory problems is related to objectivity measured laboratory memory performance
It has been hypothesized that with advanced age, the nervous system takes longer to recover from stimulation. This is referred to as...
stimulus persistence
Schaie's sequential research on primary mental abilities reveals...
little practical decline after age 60
Primary source of data for Levinson's study of mid-life crisis was collected from...
expansive interviews with 40 men and 4 occupations
Being able to maintain attention while performing a task over a long period of time is known as
Research on developmental trends in pernial operations shows that...
some adults never attain this level
Earliest step in info. processing is...
sensory memory
Which of Levenson's femal subjects seemed to be experiencing mid-life crisis at age 40
Jung proposes that in middle age there is a tendency for
men to become more feminine
Compared to recall tasks, recognition tasks
show less age related declines
Lekman found, exceptional professional achievement to be highest during
early adulthood
Baltes have trained older adults to improve their performance on fluid intelligence by the concept of
Tendency for nonverbal performance abilities to deteriorate more rapidly than verbal abilities
classical aging pattern
Pragmatics of mind...
mental software
Erickson's theory, which is characteristic of middle adulthood
generativity vs. stagnation
According to Jung, which increases with age for both men and women..
Which is a valid critism of Erickson's theory?
Greatest age-related decrements
Longitudinal study when an individuals personality compared to others of their cohort remains fairly constant, is referred to as
normative stability
Which may result in sensory loss...
Risk factors for depression in older adults
Gutman believes that: personality is most sex-typed in young adulthood because of
parental imperative
Erickson's 9th stage...
Studies show of selective attention - have shown that older adults have more difficulty tuning out irrelevant info...
stroop test
Older adults seem to have deficits on many skills, yet continue to perform well on complex, well practiced tests because of
Which is false?
Age declines are greater for semantic than episodic
Which is true?
Which is true of post-formal thought?
emotion is integrated with logic to solve problems
______ is found more often in elderly and is a minor depression that is characterized by lack of interest and feeling that everybody is an
depletion syndrome