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About how long are the days that people settle on when the participate in isolation room studies of biological rhythms?
28 hrs
What is the element of premenstrual syndrome that is the most questionable?
the emotional symptoms
While many functions of sleep are not fully understood, we do know that when we do not get enought sleep our
immune system function declines
Roy says that he never dreams. If he spend the night in a sleep laboratory, it would be most likely that
Roy would report a dream if awakened during a period of rapid, irregular brain activity
The detection of physical energy emmitted or reflected by physical objects is called
Neil is seated in a dark room and asked to look at a screen. He watches as falshed of light , varying i brightness, are flashed one at a time. Whenever he notices a flahs he informs the researchers. What te the researchers masuring?
Neil's absolute threshold for brightness
As you take this test, it is unilely that you are contantly aware that your legs are making contact with the legs of the chair. This is called:
sensory adaptation
When people find themselves in a stte of sensory overload, they often cope by focusing only on the sights and sounds that they find useful. This is called
the cocktail party phenomenon
All of the following are aspects of our visual world that are affected by the characteristics of light waves except
Peggy cannot see a star as she is looking straight up at it, but she can see it from the corner of her eye. Peggy's vision is most likely
Typical, based on our understanding of peripheral vision
The trichromatic theory applies to the level of processing which occurs in the
Retina of the eye
____ occurs when the brain fills in gaps in order to perceive complete forms
The slight difference in lateral separation between two objects as seen by the left eye and the right eye is called
retinal disparity
A snail-shaped, fluid-filled organ in the inner ear is called the
Seamus is having difficuty organizing the sounds he hears and so he cocks his head. Seamus is actively trying to determine:
the direction from which a sound is coming
When kittens were exposed to either vertical or horizontal stripes for several months, it was found that
the kittens ran to play only when the researcher held up a bar matching their visual experience
Research conducted using the visual cliff has shown that
at two months of age, babies who a drop in heart rate when placed on the deep side
The Gestalt psychologit's motto could be, "the whole equals the sum of its parts"
False -total forms rather than their parts

A German word for "form", defined as an organized whole in experience. The Gestalt psychologists, about 1912, advanced the theory which explains psychological phenomena by their relationships to total forms rather than their parts.
Visual receptors that are involved in color vision are called rods
Interposition is one of the binocular cues to depth
False - Of or involving both eyes at once
T/F-White noise is produced when all the frequencies of the sound spectrum are produced
When people who have been blind from birth had their vision restored by surgery, which of the following were they unable to do?
recognize familiar objects
Which part of the eye is located at the back and contains visul receptors?
Diurnal non-human animls have mostly _____on their retinas, and nocturnal animals have mostly ____ on their retinas
cones (color); rods (black&white)
Subliminal messages can persuade us to buy products and can influence our behavior
A mental category that groups objects, relations, activities, abstractions, or qualities having common properties is called /an:
Which of the following is a prototype of the concept "fruit"?
When Mitch was learning to drive he couldn't image how he could ever remember to steer the wheel, flip on the turn signal, put on the gas, and still manage to turn the car! Now that he has been driving for three years, Mitch's reactions have become automatic. Now when he drives car:
subconcious processes are involved
cheyenne is surprised to hear her little bother say hello on the phone when she thought she dialed her BF. Her error in dialing the wrong # is attributed to?
If your premises are, "I didn't see any cars on Mackinac Island my first day here," and "I didn't see any cars the rest of the week,either," then you might reasonably reach the conclusion,"there aren't any cars on Mackinac Island." This kind of reasoning is called _____ reasoning
Whereas formal problems can often be solved with a/an _____, informal problems often call for a/an ________
algorithm, heuristic
Reflective judgements involve all of the following except:
the realization that all opinions are created equal
The tendency to overestimate one's ability to have predicted an event once the outcome is known is called
hindsight bias
According to the availability heuristic, the tendency to judge the probability of an event depends on:
whether or not the event is more available mentally than other types of events
Noah thinks of himself as an excellent negotiator when purchasing cars.
Will decide that he is gald he had the car for those two months, even though prices soon dropped
The traditional approach to intelligence, the ____ approach, focuses on how well people perform on standardized aptitute tests
The first widely used intelligence test was devised in 1904, when Alfred Binet was asked to
Identify children who were slow learners so that they could be given remedial work
Between WWI and the 1960s, the intelligence tests developed for use in school's favored:
white children over nonwhites
According to the triarchic theory of intelligence, there are three aspects of intelligence. The ____ aspects refers to how well you can transfer skills to new situations and cope with novelty.
______ is defined as a statistical estimate of the proportion of the total variance in some trait that is attributable to genetic differences among individuals within a group
Enviromental aspects that hinder intelligence include all of the following except:
intergenerational households
When individuals scoring in the top 1% of the IQ distribution were studied, it was found that:
motivation made the difference between those who were succesful and those who were not
Japanese school teachers and students are more likely than their American counterparts to believe that:
the secret to doing well in mathematics is working hard
T/F- an algorithm is a rule of thumb that guides problem solving but dos not guarantee an optimal solution
T/F- reflective judgement is basically another term for what has been called critical thinking
T/F-standardized IQ tests predict school performance fairly well
T/F-the cognitive approach to intelligence is concerned with how many answers a person gets right on a test of intelligence
I am going to buy a new house. The house with the blue door is very close to work an is in a nice neighborhood, but the house with the red door is bigger and newer. Which hosue sould I buy? I am experiencing
cognitive dissonance
In America, we tend to conceptualize an IQ score as
Cameron knows how to cut through red tape. He understands how to get things done, and tailors his behavior to the setting and enviroment in which he finds himself. Cameron is high on ____ intelligence