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what are the two types of motor development?
cephalocandal trend, and proximodistal trend.
What does cephalocandal mean?
from head to foot
What does proximodistal mean?
from the inside out.
Who created the four milestones of mind development?
Jean Piaget (1920-1880's)
What are Kohlberg's three levels of moral reasononing?
Preconventional, conventional, and post-conventional.
How do you find someone's IQ?
Divide Mental age by Chronological Age, and multiply by 100.
Who discovered IQ test?
What is the indirect model?
biological factors do not wire the brain for orientation.

Pre-dispose individuals towards certain personality types...

Relationships and experiences ultimately shape sexuality.
what does MPOA stand for?
Medical Preoptic Area
what happens to a male monkey when his MPOA is damaged?
he is indifferent to sex with female monkeys.
What does stimulation of the MPOA do to a inactive male monkey?
He becomes sexually charged and approaches a female monkey and mounts her.
What is an example of a Primary sex characteristic
involved with reproduction...menstruation, and sperm production.
what is an example of a secondary sex characteristic
gender distinguishing...facial hair, but no reproductive parts.
What does the Lateral Hypothalamus control?
What does the Ventromedial Hypothalamus control?
Satiety. lesions in this area lead to over-eating.

-frequent meals
-same size meals
Paraventricular nucleus(PVN)Syndrome
increase in the size of meals, and normal frequency
What controls the desire to eat?