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Which of the following outcomes in associated with maternal cigarette smoking during pregnancy?
Increased likelyhood of prematurity and low birthweight.
Mary Ainsworth devised an experimental method called the Strange Situation in order to determine:
The nature of attachment between mothers and babies
Which of the following is an example of telegraphic speech?
a toddler at the Laundromat saying, "Mama dress"
In Piaget's theory, the process of absorbing new information into existing cognitive structure is called:
According to Lawrence Kohlberg, your moral stage can be determined by:
The answers that you give to hypothetical dilemmas
When boys and girls have a choice of same-sex or opposie-sex playmates?
Children all over the world havce a preference for same-sex friends.
Learning theorists beliebe that gender socialization begins
at the moment of a child's birth
Power assertion is defined as
using punishment and authority to correct a child's misbehavior
Isaiah's parents discipline him using induction. It is most that he will:
Confess rather than lie when he misbehaves
For adolescents in Western societies, quarrels with parents signify
a change to a reciprocal, adult relationship
Crystallized intelligence consists of
specific information learned over a lifetime
Fluid intelligence consists of
the ability to use new information to solve problems
Which of the following is not one of the suggested child-rearing practices discussed in the text and in class?
punish behavior that violates family rules to effectively teach a child what is right
Maturation is defined as the unfolding of genetically influenced behaviors and physical characteristics?
A preadolescent has a difficult time as the teen years approach, but by the end of adolescence feels happy in terms of appearance and is popular among classmates. Given the informaiton in the textbook, it is most likley that the child was an
late-maturing girl
T/F-Babies form an attachment relationship to their mothers primarily because their mothers provide them with food and warmth
The strange situation is an experimental method devised in order to tes an infant's
attachment relationship
Once implantation of thte zygote is completed, the _______ stage of prenatal development begins
Parents who listen to the child's concerns and set reasonable limits are:
authoritative parents
T/F-Children in different cultures go through similar stages of linguistic development
According to Carol Gillian's approach to moral resoning, men tend to base their moral decisions on
principle of law
T/F-Recent research has shown that prescholers are more egocentric than Piaget thought
False - less egocentric
T/F -To Kohlberg, child's reasoning in a moral decision is more important than the decision itself
Which of the following is an example of overregularization?
the alligator goed kerplunk1
At what level of morality do most people reason?
which of the following is NOT one of the "tasks of adolescence" described by Erikson necessary to have a successful identity?
rejection of parental dictates
The ______ receives, processes, interprets and stores incoming sensory information and also sends out messages destined for muscles, glands, and internal organs.
The central nervous system
The sympathetic nervous system acts like the _____ of a car, whereas the parasympathetic nervous system acts more like a/an _________
accelerator ; brake
A cell that conducts electro-chemical signals and is the basic unit of the nervous system is called a:
If neuronal communication were compared to a baseball game, the ______ would be the batters and the _____ would be the catchers
axons, dendrites
T/F -Psychologists use the terms "sex" and "gender" interchangeably
Thinking that what is "right" is what feels good to me would be a characteristic of:
conventional morality
Extreme turmoil and unhappiness during adolescence is typical
The site where a nerve impulse is transmitted from one nerve cell to another is called the:
The nervous system "house" would remain forever dark and lifeless without chemical couriers. Which of the following is NOt one of these messengers?
Endorphins give a species an evolutionary advantage because
they make pain bearable and pain can interfere with action
The two main structures of the brain stem are
Medulla and pons
The case study of HM whose hippocampus was surgically removed, led to the conclusion that:
The hippocampus enables an individual to form new memories about facts and events
The cerebrum is divided into two seperate halves that are connected by a large band of fibers called the:
Corpus callosum
The cortex is about ____ thick and contains about ___ of the cells in the human brain
3 mm, 3/4
Which of the following regions contains the visual cortex?
Occipital lobes
Which of the following regions is involved in the ability to make plans, think creatively, and take initiative?
Frontal Lobes
When asked about the input from each cerebral hemisphere, two well known split brain researchers Micheal Gazzaniga and Roger Sperry, would agree that
In normal brains, the left and right hemisphere coooperate naturally in everyday activities
In a classic split bain study, a picture of a chicken claw was flashed to the left hemisphere (the R eye) while a picture of a snow scene was flashed to the right hemisphere (the left eye). when asked to choose a related image from an array of pictures
the left hand pointed to a shovel and the right pointed to a chicken
By plotting possible trajectories of the iron rod that penetrated the head of Phineas Gage, psychologists were also to determine that the damage occurred in an area of:
the prefrontal cortex that is associated with rational decisions and emotions
Which of the following regions contains the motor cortex, which issues orders to the 600 muscles of the body that produce voluntary movement?
Occipital lobe
Which of the following regions contains the auditory cortex?
The _____ looks like the branches of a tree, indeed, the meaning of this word in Greek is "little tree"
As Buffy is walking across campus, a bicyclist swerves toward her. Her heart races and sweat breaks out as she jumps out of harm's way. Soon, Buffy's heart rate begins to decrease and return to a regular rhythm. This claiming reaction is due to the action of Buffy's:
Parasympathetic nervous system
After greeting her relatives at the airport, Joey's mother leaves him with his grandma and gets the luggage. Eight month old Joey becomes fearful of the stranger holding him and he begins to wail. This distress would be an example of:
separation anxiety