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Amount of capacity the sensory register has
Amount of time visual information in the sensory store disappears
1/4 of a second
Short term memory is similar to
working memory
Why are cat/hat confusing in short term memory
They sound alike
Which memory system holds the largest amount of information?
Long term memory
Why is it easier to remember the first part of a grocery list than the last?
It is rehearsed more times
Big difference between semantic and episodic memory
Episodic-general knowledge
semantic-personal to you
Part of the brain that turns new memories into long term memories
What was H.M's brain mental deficit
Most likely problem of a motorcycle injury
retrograde amnesia
People with Alzheimers disease have a low amount of what nuerotransmitter?
Memory related syndrome related to heavy drinking
Korsakoffs syndrome
Why is it easier to recall material for a test if you take the test in the room you studied?
Environmental cues help recall the information
Earliest age a person can recall an event?
Flashbulb memories concern events that are_______
emotionally charged
Why is better to study 2 unrelated subjects in one study session rather study 2 similar subjects?
Your more likely to confuse the similar subjects
Riding a bike would be in what kind of memory?
Procedural learning
When the brain changes chemically and structurally to form new memories, its called___
Whats this type of memory-You see something that makes you really angry
3 most important building blocks of thought
languages, images, concepts
Prefixes, suffixes, and words are
How is a sentence's deep structure different from its surface meaning?
The deep structure is the words true, underlying meaning. The surface meaning is the particular words that are used.
Step by step method of solving problems that guarantees a correct solution. It's not for every kind of problem
Problem solving heuristics
Hill climbing- each step you move closer to the goal
Sub goals- break the problem into smaller pieces.
Rule of Thumb
Means end analysis
Working backword
We are more likely to represent concepts with lists of
First step in solving a problem
Problem representation
Which heuristic is a combination of hill climbing and sub goals?
means-end analysis
Starting from the goal state and heading toward the givens is called
working backward
Not realizing the many different uses for something such as a butterknife being used as a flathead screwdriver is called
functional fixedness
Stereotyping is caused by which heuristic
How does the confirmation bias shape our perceptions?
We remember things that support our beliefs and ignore things that contradict them
(Saying that something does happen)Knowing something is going to happen even though you didnt make any predictions beforehand is called
What does a reliable test mean?
The dependability, reliability and consistance of the scores
What does a valid test mean?
The tests ability to measure what it was designed to measure
How does labeling students with IQ scores effect their academic performance?
Low scores can lead them to doubt their abilities

Helps students with high IQs
Identical twins that have been separated usually have ________ IQ scores
the same
Malnutrition during infancy can drop an IQ average by ____ points
How are distributions of IQ of men and women different?
Women display greater verbal abilities
Men Display greater spatial and mathematical abilities
Studying developmental changes by comparing people of different ages at about the same time
cross-sectional study
Group of people born during the same time period
study that looks at changes in individuals over time
longitudinal study
What is a critical period
When certain internal and external influences have a major effect on development; other periods with same influences have no effect
Main problem associated with abusing alcohol during pregnancy
fetal alcohol syndrome
Temperament is affected by
biogenetics and social learning
What is hypothermeohaliositis
I have no idea
Certain memories are lost and recombined with other memories and information that are unrelated.
Reconstructive memory
What do classical theories of intelligence have to say about notions of social competence or practical intelligence?
They ignore those aspects.
Infants perceptual development depends on both nervous system maturation and
Believed children are intrinsically motivated to explore their world in an active way.
How do deaf infants with deaf parents babble?
with their hands
Theory of language development proposed by Chomsky
Children born with a LAD
Children have a ___________ _________ for language that must be stimulated by the environment to develop properly
biological potential
age infants can begin to imitate certain facial expressions
at birth
Kohlbergs theory that involves interpreting behavior in terms of concrete consequences
According to Baumrind, the best parenting approach
Does culture influence gender roles of society?
Type of behavior that increased by 45% within 2 years of the 1973 arrival of television into a community that did not have television previously
Physical aggression
Accepting identity provided by parents and peers describes
Identity foreclosure
Most _______ seek loving, committed, meaningful partnerships
A-straight people
D-all of the above
D-all of the above
Are their problems of secure emotional attachment with babies of a few months old who are placed in a full-time day care
Most older people want to be less active and less independent because of decreased intellectual functioning
The experience of feelings
inborn, inflexible, goal-directed behavior that is characteristic of an entire species
Primary drives are influenced by what kinds of stimuli?
Stimuli within the body
Thirst, sex, and hunger are examples of what kind of drives
unlearned or Primary
Yerkes-Dodson Law
optimal level of arousal for any task
external stimuli that prompt goal-directed behavior
desire to perform a behavior that originates within the individual is
Intrinsic motivator
extrinsic motivation
desire to perform a behavior
Who proposed a hierarchy of needs?
About 90% of people suffering from anorexia nervosa are
upper or middle class females
eating disorder characterized by binges of eating followed by self-induced vomiting
# of stimuli that shape the sex drive in humans is limited to what kinds of drives?
Biological & Environmental
Some african cultures find what sexually attractive
elongated ear lobes
unlearned motives that make us investigate, explore, and change the world around us
stimulus motives
what motive is affection, cuddling, and closeness associated with
Frightened infant monkeys ran to a mother who offered what?
warmth and closeness
Country with the highest vandalism rate in the world
_______ are physically and verbally more agressive
Individuals with a high need for achievement have what kind of health problems?
Stress related Ailment