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Smooth Muscles

Striated Muscles
Control internal organs

Control movement of the body
Striated Muscles also know as
Skeletal Muscles
Why is eye muscle movement more precise?
Because of the lower ratio of muscle fibers to axons
What is it called where a synapse and a motor neuron meets a muscle fiber?
Neuromuscular Junction
What is Relesed at the junctions with skeletal muscles by axons?
What causes Myasthenia?
the immune system attacks the individual's own body
Which muscle fatigues rapidly?
White Muscles
When taped on the the knee what kind of reflex is being tested?
stretch reflexes
What is the role of the Golgi tendon organ?
it acts as a brake against an excessively vigorous contraction
What kind of damage is a doctor looking for if he test an adult for infant reflexes?
evidence of brain damage
A ballistic movement...
Is executed as a whole: Once initiated, it cannot be altered or corrected while it is in progress.
Ex. a reflex such as the stretch reflex or the contraction of the pupils in response to light