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Money helps determine our
*standard of living, what kind of home and car we have, etc.
*Where we will live
*Influences our daily routine.
*Influences who will be our friends.
We will work at least 40 years of our lives at a job and spend over 80,000 hours on the job.
Why Work?
*Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation
Stages of choosing a career- Fantasy Stage
until abt.age 11)Children assume they can be anything they want and spend a lot of time thinking and playing at jobs.
Stages of choosing a career-
Tentative Stage
ages 11-17. People realize they must soon make a decision and begin to examine their interests/abilities/values.
Stages of choosing a career- Realistic stage
age 17 up. Begin to realize that no one job will fit all their desires and that jobs are often a compromise.
Developmental tasks of Young Adulthood
1.getting started in an occupation 2.selecting & courting a mate 3. Learning to live contentedly w/one's partner 4. starting a family/becoming a parent 5. assuming responsibility of managing a home. 6.assuming civic responsibilities 7. finding a social group