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What is the role of the Psych nurse?
Caregiver, Manager of Care
What did Robinson define mental health as?
(1983) a dynamic state in which thought, feeling, and behavior that is age appropiate and congruent w/ the local and cultural normas is demonstrated.
Who made up "mental health indicators"? What are they?
1. positive attitude toward self
2. personal growth and development
3. Integration
4. Autonomy
5. Perception of Reality
6. Environmental Mastery
Hx of psychiatric care
*Early beliefs centered on evil spirits or supernatural causes.
*Tx included torture to purge the body of spirits
*correlated w/ withcraft and burned at the stake
*Hippocrates 400BC associated Mental Illness w/ irregularity among the four humors
*500-1500AD the 1st assylums were built in hosp in the middle East.
What was the first hospital in America to admit the mentally ill?
a hosp in Philadelphia in the mid 18th century.
Who initiated the 1st humane tx in the US?
Benjamin Rush
In the 19th century who wanted state hospitals?
Dorthy Dix
When was the 1st school of psych nursing made?
When was psych nursing added into the school curiculum?
What is stress?
a transition between the person and the environment
What is anxiety?
a diffuse apprehension that is vauge in nature and is associated w/ feeling of uncertainty and helplessness.
What are the levels of anxiety?
1. mild-moderate(sometimes helpful)
2. severe- behavior aimed at relieving the anxiety. Extended periods of this type can lead to neurosis.
What are three types of anxiety disorders?
1. somatoform- people think their sick and they are not.
2. dissociative- separating yourself due to painful experiences.
3. Panic- worst disorders; you can die from it; most intense of these disorders.
What is the most important way to manage stress?
What is DSM-IV-TR Multiaxial Evaluation System?
used to dx psych disorders
Name the five axis' and define them.
Axis 1- clinical disorders(focus of attention)
Axis 2- Personality disorders and mental retardation
Axis 3- general medical conditions (for eg: hypertension)
Axis IV- Psychosocial and environmental problems
Axis V- global assessment of functions (GAF score)
What is the GAF score?
a scale that represents in global terms a single measure of the individual's psychological, social and occupational functioning.
Name and define ethical principles r/t nursing.
autonomy- self determined

beneficence-benefit the good of others.

Nonmaleficence- do no harm

Justice- "fairness Principle"

veracity- truth telling
What is the biggest problem is the psych field?
List the tx for an aggressive patient.
1. talking is the LEAST restrictive
2. quiet area like a "time out"
3. meds (chemical restraint)
4. seclusion
5. restraints (most restrictive)(If you do not start w/ number 1 you have committed a legal act)