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What are the 5 Cs of addiction?
Chronicity, Control impaired, Compulsive use, Continued use despite harm, Craving
5 stages of change
Common depressants of abuse?
alcohol, BZD, narcotics, barbiturates, solvents, anesthetics
Common stimulants of abuse?
methamphetamines, cocaine, amphetamines, strychnine, Freon, nicotine, caffeine
Common psychedelics of abuse?
marijuana, LSD, mescaline, PCP
Which BZD has the most abuse potential?
Which BZD has the least abuse potential?
Tx for BZD withdrawal?
slow taper with another BZD
Effects of opioid intoxication?
euphoria, dysphoria, apathy, sedation, trouble paying attention, slurred speech, miosis, motor slowness, resp. depression
Effects of opioid withdrawal?
tears, rhinnorhea, mydriasis, piloerection, flu-like symptoms, insomnia
Use for naloxone?
reverse acute coma and respiratory depression from OD of opiate
Dosing for naloxone?
0.4-0.8mg, repeat until opiate no longer has effect
Dose of methadone?
start 20mg/day, range 60-100mg/day
Effects of buprenorphine?
partial agonist at opiate receptors, treats pain, less likely to cause respiratory depression
What is suboxone?
buprenorphine with naloxone
Effects of cocaine?
CNS stimulation, energy, euphoria, paranoia, arrhythmias, delirium
MOA of cocaine?
blocks reuptake of NE and DA
Effects of chronic cocaine use?
decreased DA stores and CNS depression
Sx of cocaine withdrawal?
depression, fatigue, sleeping, increased appetite, chills, tremors, muscle aches, spasms
Tx for cocaine withdrawal?
dopamine agonists, lorazepam, beta-blocker, antipyschotics, bromocriptine
Contraindications for Zyban?
seizures, bulimia