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Beta waves
High frequency
Low amp
Delta waves
Slow high amp
Ventrolateral preoptic nucleus of the hypothalamus
Releases GABA to bring on sleep by dampening neural activity
Nuclei in the posterior hypothalamus and pons
Releases excitatory NT molecules to arouse brain and maintain alertness
PFC role in emotion
Plan, organize
Right-negative emotion
Left-positive emotion
Modal model characterizes
Function, capacity and duration
Asians focus on
contexts-provoking behavior
–internal attributes
Galton believed that intelligence was essentially
biological and hereditary and sought to measure it through mental quickness
Simple hiding problem
(5 month old cant do)
Changed hiding place problem
(10-12 month succeed)
Sensorimotor stage (birth to 2)
Schemes act on present objects, but not thinking about absent ones
Preoperational stage (2-7)
Schemes symbolize objects not present. Tennis raquet is guitar
Concrete operational stage
Schemes reversible consequences; cause and effect
Chain is necessary for bike operation, but fender isn’t
Implicit memory development
Look at new stimulus more than old one
Explicit memory development
10-12 mo old correctly identify environment (mama, blankee)
attempts to understand specific changes in the childs cognitive abilities in terms of specific changes in the minds components
Information processing approach