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Metabolism of alcohol?
converted by alcohol dehydrogenase to acetaldehyde, converted by aldehyde dehydrogenase to CO2 and H2O
What happens to receptor numbers with chronic use?
downregulation of DA and GABA
upregulation of NMDA
Definition of Alcohol Withdrawal
2 of the following after cessation:
autonomic hypersensitivity, increased hand tremor, insomnia, N/V, hallucinations, anxiety or agitation, seizures
When do seizures occur?
1-2 days after cessation up to 5 days
What is in a banana bag?
D5/Saline, folic acid, thiamine, MVI
What labs are low in alcoholic?
magnesium, phosphate, potassium, BG
What is Wernicke's encephalopathy? Tx?
irreversible degenerative brain disorder secondary to thiamine deificiency

thiamine 100mg IM/IV qd x3 then po
What is Wernicke's triad?
CNS changes, ataxic gait (wide), ocular problems
What is Korsakoff psychosis?
retrograde and anterograde amnesia found in 80% of pts who survive Wernickie's
CAGE screening tool
Cut down
What is AUDIT and what is a positive score?
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
Tx for ethanol-disulfiram reaction?
benadryl 50mg IM/IV
How long does ethanol-disulfiram reaction last?
CI to disulfiram?
CAD, hepatic disease, cirrhosis, seizures, schizophrenia, pregnancy, metronidazole, alcohol
Drug efficacious in binge drinkers?
Which tx crosses BBB?
Other meds used for anti-craving?
ondansetron, topiramate, valproic acid, carbamazepine