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any circumstance that affects wellbeing
the pursuit of a goal is permited the pursuit of a goal is pervented the pursuit of a goal is pervented
Aproach aproach conflict
choosing between two desirable things
Avoidance Avoidance conflict
a choice must be made between 2 unattractive things
Approcah Avoidance conflict
achieve goal with positive and negative attributes
any notable difference in life
expectations or demands that one behaves in a certain way
Holmes and Rache Social readjustment scale
death of spouse 100 pts.
marital reconcile 45
change in financial status 38
General adaptation Syndrome (Selye)
Alarm- body releases adrenal hormones, sympathetic nervous system activated

Resistance- body is on high alert

Exhaustion: increased vulnerability to stress
Daily Hassels
sum total of mundane life tasks combine to create significant levels of stress
Strategies used against the stress cycle
Maladaptive coping strategies
displaced aggression-harmful act to someone who is not the obect of hostiity
Catharsis- relase of emotional tension
self indulgence
compensate for frustrated feelings by trying to promote a feeling of satisfaction in another area
constructive coping strategies
heathy efforts to deal with stress