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The conscious repetition of information to maintain it in memory is called
Repression is an example of
motivated forgetting
Whenever he feels sexually jealous, David is flooded with painful memories of instances when he thought his girlfriend was flirting with other men. David's experience best illustrates
mood-congruent memory
Chess masters can recall the exact positions of most pieces after a brief glance at the game board. This ability is best explained in terms of
A type of motivated forgetting in which anxiety-arousing memories are blocked from conscious awareness is known as
Shortly after hearing a list of items, people tend to recall the last items in the list especially quickly and accurately. This best illustrates
a recency effect
The rear area of the ________ grows bigger the longer a London cab driver has been navigating the maze of city streets
Chunking refers to
the organization of information into meaningful units
The process of getting information out of memory is called
Cerebellum is to ________ memory as hippocampus is to ________ memory.
implicit; explicit
Semantic encoding refers to the processing of
The title of a song is on the tip of Gerard's tongue, but he cannot recall it until someone mentions the songwriter's name. Gerard's initial inability to recall the title was most likely caused by
retrieval failure.
Proactive interference refers to the
disruptive effect of prior learning on the recall of new information
Automatic processing and effortful processing are two types of
The process of encoding refers to
getting information into memory
The hippocampus plays a critical role in ________ memory
Complete this analogy: Fill-in-the-blank test questions are to multiple-choice questions as
recall is to recognition
Jamille performs better on foreign language vocabulary tests if she studies the material 15 minutes every day for 8 days than if she crams for 2 hours the night before the test. This illustrates what is known as
the spacing effect
After learning the combination for his new locker at school, Milton is unable to remember the combination for his year-old bicycle lock. Milton is experiencing the effects of
retroactive interference
The misinformation effect provides evidence that memory
may be reconstructed during recall according to how questions are framed