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In one experiment, college men were injected with epinephrine before spending time with either a joyful or an irritated person. The results of this experiment support the idea that
our experience of emotion depends on how we interpret the body's arousal
After being physically aroused by his daily three-mile run, Martin finds that he experiences stronger resentment if his wife asks for an unexpected favor and more intense romantic feelings if she kisses him. Martin's experience can best be explained by the
two-factor theory
Homeostasis, which is the goal of drive reduction, is defined as
the body's tendency to maintain a constant internal state
Which theory has been accused of simply naming rather than explaining behaviors?
Which term refers to all the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering and communicating?
Which of the following is an example of the use of heuristics?
playing chess using a defensive strategy that has often been successful for you
Our tendency to judge the likelihood of an event on the basis of how readily we can remember instances of its occurrence is called the
availability heuristic
If you want to help your roommate attract the attention of someone on campus, what advice, based on your knowledge of emotion, might you offer?
suggest that your roommate appear “by chance” at the target's gym workout
A complex, unlearned, and fixed pattern of behavior common to all members of a species is called a(n)
The James-Lange theory of emotion states that
to experience emotion is to be aware of our physiological responses to an emotion-arousing event
For purposes of lie detection, investigators have most commonly made use of a(n)
According to the two-factor theory, the two basic components of emotions are ________ and ________.
a cognitive label; physical arousal
The most basic or lowest-level need in Maslow's hierarchy of human motives includes the need for
food and water
The inability to see a problem from a new perspective is called
A $100 coat marked down from $150 can seem like a better deal than the same coat priced regularly at $100. This best illustrates the importance of
According to the Cannon-Bard theory of emotion, we experience:
physiological arousal and emotion at the same time
Functional fixedness occurs when:
we tend to perceive the functions of objects as fixed or unchanging.
An algorithm is a
methodical step-by-step procedure for solving problems.
The confirmation bias refers to the tendency to
search for information that supports our preconceptions.
Abraham Maslow believed that ________ needs are stronger than ________ needs.
physiological; esteem