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the tendency to change our perceptions, opinions or behavior in ways that are consistent with group norms
a superficial change in behavior, without a corresponding change of opinion, produced by real or imagined group pressure
people will slowly change their view b/c the minority is consistent and persistent; majority will begin to doubt their own view and consider the minority view
dual process model
behavior change produced by the commands of authority
set of individuals who have direct interactions and a share, common fate, identity, or set of goals
an assembly of people engaging in a common activity but having little direct interaction with each other
a process whereby the presence of others enchances performance on easy tasks but impairs performance on difficult tasks
social facilitation
a group-produced reduction in individual output on easy tasks where contributions are pooled
social loafing
the loss of a person's sense of individuality and the reduction of normal constraints against deviant behavior
the exaggeration through group discussion of initial tendencies in the thinking of group members
group polarization
a group decision-making style characterized by an excessive tendency among group members to seek concurrence