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psychopathological functioning
disruptions which lead to distress that unable a person to achieve important goals
abnormal psychology
understanding the nature of individuals pathologies of mind, mood, and behavior
judgements of abnormality
Szaz **
mental illness doesnt exist- given labels by society- treated differently
Pinel **
first to attempt to categorize and classify disorders
Kraepelin **
created first classification system for psychological disorders
disorders caused by disruptions in the flow of animal magnetism
some symptoms of hysteria could be eliminated under hypnosis
the factors that cause or contribute to the development of psychological problems
causes of psycopathology located inside the person- (psychological causes says Freud)
believe that psychopathology is caused through learning and reinforcement- environment
people think up and create their own psychopathology
culture affect pscyhopathology
pscyhological diagnosis
labeling,classifying and categorizing an abnormal behavior pattern
classified, defines, and describes over 200 mental disorders
neurotic disorders
always distressed, bad coping mechanisms
psychotic disorders
profound disturbance in rational thinking and emotional though process
experiencing more than one disorder at a time
anxiety disorders
anxiety is present in different levels of intensity
generalized anxiety disorder
constant worry for at least 6 months
panic disorder
panic attacks- anxiety related symptoms
fear of having another panic attack
rational reaction to external danger
constant, irrational fear of something
social phobia
constant, irrational fear of public situations in which one can be embarassed
specific phobias
pertain to a fear of something specific
thoughts and impulses which are persistant despite a persons attempts to supress them
post traumatic Stress disorder
persistant rexperience of traumatic events (dreams, flashbacks)
mood disorder
emotional disturbance- depression
major depressive disorder
sad feelings
bipolar disorder
sever depression with manic episodes
manic episode
elated feelings
cognitive triad of depression- negetive views of everything
people believe they cant control important things that will happen to them in the future
learned helplessness
motivational, emotional, cognitive deficits- all helplessness
Nolen- Hoeksema
response styles of men and women in negative moods
personality disorder
chronic, maladaptive pattern of thinking, percieving, or behaving
dissociative dissorder
disturbance of identity, memory or conciousness- must have sense of self and self control
dissociative amnesia
forgetting of memories due to psycholgical reasons
dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality)
a person has 2 or more distinct personalities
schizophrenic disorder
personality, thought, and perception are distorted. emotions are skewed
hearing voices in schizos.
false or irrational beliefs maintained
Irving Gottesman
graph of genetics linking schizophrenics
diathesis- stress hypothesis
genetic and environmental factors must be present to offset schizophrenia
negative attitudes that outcast person