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The scientific study of mental processes and behavior
a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of psychological disorders. The roughly comparable specialty area in psychology is known as clinical psychology
an early theory in psychology that sought to identify the components of the conscious mind
an approach to psychology that studies how the unconscious mind shapes behavior
an approach to psychology that studied how the conscious mind helps humans survive and succussfully adapt to their environment
an approach to psycholog that studies observable hehavior, rather than hidden mental processes
an approach to psychology that studies how the mind actively organize stimuli into coherent wholes
gestalt psychology
an appraoch to psychology that emphasizes human beings' innate capacity for personal growth and their ability to consciously make choices
humanistic perspective
an approach to psychology that attempts to understand behavior by studying how the mind organizes perceptions, processes informantion, and interprets experiences
cognitive perspective
an approach to psychology that attempts to understand behavior by examing physiological processes, expecially those occurring in the brain
biological perspective
an approach to psychology based on the principle of natural selection
evolutionalry psychology
the process by which organisms with inherited traits best suted to the environment reproduce more successfully than less well-adapted organisms over a number of generations
natural selction
the genetic changes that occur in a species over generations due to natural selection
an approach to psychology that emphasizes social and cultural influence on behavior
sociocultural perspective
the total lifestyle of people from a particular social grouping, including all the ideas, symbols, preferences, and material objects that they share.
psychologiest who use existing psychological knowledge to solve and prevent problems
applied psychologists