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A mental representation used for a variety of cognitive functions, including memory, reasoning, and using and understanding language.
A representation in which relationships are represented by symbols, as when the words of language represent objects and the relationships between objects.
Spreading Activation
Activity that spreads out along any link in a network that is connected to an activated node.
Sentence Verification Technique
A technique in which the participant is aksed to indicate whether or not a particular sentence is true or false.
Typicality Effect
The abilioty to judge the truth or falsity of sentences involving high-prototypical members of a category more rapidly than sentences involving low-prototypical members of a category.
A stndard used in categorization that is formed by averaging the category members a person has encountered in the past.
In categorization, members of a category that a person has experienced in the past.
Repetition Priming
When an initial presentation of a stimulus affects the person's response to the same stimulus when it is presented later.