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Short Term Memory
Long Term Memory
The process of acquiring information and transfering it into memory.
The process of remembering information that has been stored in long-term-memory.
Chuncks in STM
A collection of elements that are strongly associated with eachother but are weakly associated with other chuncks.
The fact that STM can't be remembered after 18 seconds.
Proactive Interference
Information learned previously interferes with learning new information.
Retroactive Interference
New information interfering with memory for the old information.
Release from Proactive Interferenec
A situation in which conditions occur that eliminate or reduce the decrease in performance caused by proactive interference.
Visual Coding
Imagining what your professor looks like
Phonological Coding
Remembering what your teacher sounds like
Semantic Coding
Remembering what your professor was talking about
Repeating a stimulus over and over again to help remember it.
Serial Position to Curve
The percentage recall for wach word versus the word's position on the list.
Recency Effect
Remembering the words that were most recent that you were tested on.
Primary Effect
Superior memory for items appearing at the beginning of a list.
Working Memory
A limited capacity system for temporary storage and manipulation of information for complex tasks such as comprehension, learning and reasoning.
Central Executive
The part of working memory that coordinates the activity of the phonological loop and the visuospatial sketch pad.
Phonological Loop
The part of working memory that holds and processes verbal and auditory information.
Visuospatial Sketch Pad
The part of working memory that holds and processes visual and spatial information.