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An immediately expressed and observed emotion. A feeling state becomes an affect when it is observable
affect characterized by repeated, rapid and abrupt shifts.
Affective blunting
severe reduction in the expression and range and intensity of affect occurs
Alterations in perception
hallucinations, especially auditory hallucinations. Depersonalization and derealization are are also alterations in perception
Agitated behaviors
lack of impulse control in behaviors such as grabbing another's cigarette, throwing food on the floor
lack of energy: passivity
Automatic obedience
performance by a catatonic client of all simple commands in a robot-like fashion
Associative looseness
thinking is not connected. Thinking becomes haphazard, illogical, and confused
lack of motivation; inability to initiate tasks
interruption of a train of speech before a thought or idea has been completed, followed by a period of silence & the pts inability to recall the intended topic