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What is the difference between psycho phycophysology and physological physological psychology
psychophysology measures physiological manipulations in response to psychological manipulations

psychological physology measures psychological manipulations inresponse to psyologicl changes..
TCMS Lesions
overlapping diciplines
what do they include
behavioural neuroscience
Psycophysology and . physological psychology

Cognitive neuroscience
. neural substrates of psychological . . ....processes
. uses multiple imaging
cutting into head with drills to exrocate evil spirits or relieve schitzophrenia
Edwin Smith Papurus
ejyptian text recongnise connection between head injury and speech problems
brain is the intrepreter and organ of conscious experience

behaviour balanced by four humours

yellow bile


black bile
what are the 4 humours and what did galen expect them to mean.

What does this connect to?
black bile ; meloncholic (introverted and thoughtful)

yellow bile; choleric (introveted and agressive)

blood; sanguine; (impulsive and pleasure seeking)

ohlegm; phlkegmatic (relaxed and quietly content)

related to the big five personality traits
bile traites

linked psychologial changes to mental health

used pulse to find that an increased heart beat was lined to a mental response.
descart four things
dualism and that the pineal gland is the seat of the soul because it is in the centre.

reflex arc

topographical orginisation
used in psycho physology

was new phrenology when it came out but now it is used well for mapping
progression of psychopsyology
gall and localisation

jean pierre flourens
showed that not all cunctions were localised by working with animals

Speech prduction in theinfereior frontal gyrus


understanding speech in the superior temporal gyrus (wernics area)

Janmes lang theoy of emotion

response before emotion

canon bard theiry

counter to james lang theroy where psychological and emotional changes occur in parallel and independant of eachother. ``
Law of Initial Values
A particular physiological response to a given stimulus or situation depends on the pre-stimulus level

the higher the initial level, the smaller the stim driven increase will be and the larger any stimulus driven decease will be.

(LIV) can be confounding

The LIV holds for HR RR but not SC and temperature
Autonomic Nervous System
governs major psychological responses

measured in psycophysology
Yerkes-Dodson Curve
there is an optimum level of arousal but when over or under there is suboptomal performance
stimulus response vs individual response specificity
relationship of event to psychological measure and every event has its own response specificity but it is also specific to the individual. direction of response can go either way depending on the condition.
Autonomic Balance
snsdominance indicated by low AB score
Higher blood pressire

Sns dominance related to to psycosomatic disorders
Orienting and defence responses
pavlov described the orientiong response/reflex where organisms seem to automatically orient to novel and possibly biologically important stimuli

orientiong is normal and habitual. enhanved perception

defence resopnse is from painfull stimuli and mind tries to dull peception, and is not habituated
directional fractionation
in a given situation, two autonomic resoonses may diverghe

indicates complex interaction beteen sns and pns. and both may be active at the ame time