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Type I error
Reject the null when it is true
Type II error
fail to reject the null when it is false
probability of Type I error
same as alpha, or significance level
Which type of error can be controlled more?
Type I
Meaning of statistical significance
observed differences are unlikely due to chance, results are likely to be repeatable, does NOT mean the difference is large, important, or meaningful
95% confidence interval
a range of values that has a 95% probability of containing the actual value of the population parameter
What two factors determine power?
Effect Size and Sample Size
How does effect size affect power?
bigger effect size means more power
How does sample size affect power?
bigger sample size means more power
How does the direction of the test affect sample size?
Two tailed test means less power than a one tailed
How does alpha (significance level) affect power?
Changing from .05 to .01 means less type I error, more type II, and less power
how does standard error affect power?
Decrease in standard error means increase in power