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maladaptive social rresponse/treats others like objects/control issues/hidden agenda/feel exhilarated after deception
Self awareness/set limits/confront/state expectations/id reasons unacceptable/be consistent/ offer alternatives/invovle all staff
Interventions for manipulations
Attempt to gain anothers attention & receive something desires from them/usually but not always sexual/problematic when seduction is primary method od seeking involvement with others/
Seduction Behavior
Flattery/flirting/humor with sexual overtones/sexually threating behavior/socially inappropriate behavior/ exploitation of vulnerable individuals
examples of seduction behavior
expections/if by behavior is unacceptable/recognize underlying feelings/be consistent/ offer alternatives
Interventions for seduction
end-point of a contiuum of methods of communicating/ from passive<--assertive-->aggressive/ignores rights of others/assumes need to fight for self interests/anger seems out of porportion to event
A single best predictor of aggressive behavior
A history of violence
self awareness/body language/approach from side/avoid direct eye contact/confident stance but not parenting stance/clear calm statements/dont confront/reduce stimulation/guide to welldefined space/chemical restraints/meds
Interventions for aggression
Cognitive therapy that has been successful in treating borderline PD/recognizes that there are opposing goals/person behavior not their fault & you have to do something to get yourself better.
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
Choose a leader/get help/leader designates roles/clear unit/approach client/brief explanation/ask client to walk to quiet room/clear & simple directions/dont negotiate
Use as last resort