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This disorder is includes fantasies of power/grandiose beliefs/indifference or rage to criticism/expects favors/disregards others rights/overidealizes/little or no empathy
Narcissitic Personality Disorders
This disorder includes concern for own needs only/no empathy/lacks guilt/ hx lying stealing/fighting/ETOH/drug abuse/ poor job performance/ lack close personal relationships
Antisocial PD
This disorder icnludes meoldramatic seeking of attention/craves excitement/focus on self/dress/manner>sexually provocative/exaggerated tales/possesive relationships/difficulty in close relationships
Histronic PD
This disorder includes pattern of unstable, intense interpersonal relationships/ alternates b/t extremes of idealization & devaluations/instability d/t marked reactivity of mood/intense anger/chronic boredom/ avoidance of real or imagined abandonment
Borderline PD
Includes Schizoid, Schizotypal, & Paranoid
Cluster A
Includes obsessive compulsive, avoidant, & dependent
Cluster C
Personality disorders are included in the DSM-IV under which Axis?
Axis II
Includes a life patern of inflexible limited behaviors which is s systematic way of relating to others and society resulting in enduring patterns of perceiving, r/t and thinking about the environment & oneself causing significant impairment in social or occ. functioning
Personality Disorders