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Cognitive Confirmation Bias
Cognitive Fatigue: Observer becomes less attentative and critical of subsequent info (after forming their opinions via primacy effect)

Contamination: Same hting as above kind of, once impression begins to form, the impression colors the interpretation of later inconsistent info.
Behavioral Confirmation Bias
Once an impression begins to form, the observor acts in way to create data that enhance that impression

Self-fulfilling Prophecy:
Expectations influence behavior (think about teacher thing).
Illusionary correlation
Overestimate confirming instances, underestimate discomforming instances
Fundamental Attribution Error
We think people do stuff more because of hte kind of person they are, not the situational part of it
Self Serving Bias
Attribute own succes to personal factors. Attribute failor to situational factors.
Self-effacing Bias
Attributing success to assistance recieved from others or the characteristics of the situation. Downplays importance of own ability, attribute failure to own inadequate effort.