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what is the most common type of psychologist wokring with people with mental problems.
clinical psychologist
this psychologist work with middle school and high level working with people with personal problems
conseling psychologist
what is the difference between clinical and conseling psychologist?
clinical psychologists must attend medical school
what is the empirlcism theory?
careful observations and measures to generate theory in psychology theories are used to gather evidence about humans.
what is a case study?
where one individual is studied intensely
What is natural observation?
look at individual or social behavior uninpeeded
what is hypothesis?
a tentative statement about a casual experiment
what is the independent variable?
controilled by the experiment
what is the dependent variable?
a measure of performance scores ny the participants
what is descriptive statistics?
an average of two scores
(means) also the range of scores
what is inferential statistics?
compare the experimental and controlled group
What is nature?
heredity or potential?
what is nuture?
what is a gene?````
a basic unit of heredity
what are chromosomes and how many are in the body?
they are dfined as the code for all structural features and there are 23 pairs
what type of chromosomes does men and women have?
men - XX
women - XY
what are some similarity and differences of identical and fraternal twins?
both come from same egg but the identical has same gene unlike fraternal.