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What is meant by social non-conformity?
Failure to conform to social norms or the usual minimum standards for social conduct.
Psychotic Disorders are...
Severe mental disorder characterize by retreat from reality by hallucination, delusion and by social withdrawal.

Ex: Homeless person talking to themselves
What are general risk factors that contribute to a mental disorder?

What is the definition for metal disorder?
Poverty, family social conditions

A significant impairment in psychological functioning.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder is...
Irrational, anger against society

Ex: Timothy McFay was anti-social (uni bomber)
A person with an Organic Brain Disorder
A mental emotional problem cause by brain diseases or injuries

Contracted by Virus

Car Accident
Mood Disorder is...
A severe psychological disorder,
retreat from reality by hallucination and social withdrawal

Schizophrenia ex: It's A Beautiful Mind)
DSM IV (4)Stands for...
Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Identify mental disorders select the best therapies to treat them.

Guide & Ranking the category of the disorder
How do Humanist see mental illness?
Roger believed that anxious individuals have build up an un-realistic mental images of themselves, which leave them vulnerable to contradictory information.
Schizophrenia is...

Name Four Types of Schizophrenia?
Psychosis characterized by delusions, hallucinations, empathy, and the split betwn. thought and emotion

Types: Incoherence, Stupor, Paranoid, Undifferentiated
Hallucinations are...
Imaginary sensation such as seeing, hearing, smelling something that doesn't exist.
Delusions are...
A false belief held against all contrary evidence.
What do major mood disorders appear to be?
Emotional extremes, very moody, sudden mood changes

Feelings of failure, sinfulness, guilt, worthlessness and total despair

Major depressive disorder: Bi-polar
I & II
Anxiety Disorders are...
Feeling of panic, disruptive, irrational fears, worries, distorted behaviors

2 Additional "Anxiety Disorders include:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
Acute Stress Disorder
Mood Disorder:
Depression and mania,sad and hop less
Talk too loud and fast

Have a rush of ideas, feelings that
others think are unreasonable

Also known as "Bi-Polar"
What is the behaviorist approach to mental illness?
Learning principle to make constructive changes to ones behavior.

They can alter their behavior through lifestyle changes, heavy brain medication or conditioning.
What is Somatoform Disorder?
Physical symptoms that mimic disease or injury for which there is no identifiable physical cause.

You feel physically sick, but your doctors says nothing is wrong with you

You are Prue-occupied with thoughts about being sick
What is dissociative Disorder?
Temporary amnesia, multiple personality, or depersonalization

You feel like you are a robot or a stranger to yourself

Others tell you that you have done things that you don't remember doing.
What are the 3 major systems of mental illness?
Exceptive anxiety (biting your finger nails)

Inter-personal relations: think your hair look band that u don't want to go out, don't want people to look at your hair, loss of control.
Chap. 13

What is Psycho Analysis?

What is emotional attachment to the therapist by the patient called?
Analysis of Transference

Treat your therapist like your mother or father
What happens in "Directive Therapy"
Irrational thinking

Also happens in Cognitive Therapy
What is spontaneous remission?
Patient improves just simply by being put on the waiting list to see a therapist.
Who is the grandfather of Psychoanalysis?

Ex: Say whatever comes to your mind

What therapy focuses of "Free Will?"
Existential Therapy

Focus is on: Death, freedom, isolation,
What is Psycho dynamic?
Emphasizes internal conflicts and motives

Helps recognize and institutes change.
What is insight?
Mental reorganization of a problem that causes the solution to seem self-evident.
Behavioral Therapy is?

Use of learning principles to make constructive changes in behavior.
Cognitive Therapy is?
Methods to change maladaptive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, give direction,
Rational Emotion Behavioral Therapy,
Thought Stopping, Desensitization
Covert Sensitization
No use of Drugs

Scared to drive so visualize yourself driving
Carl Rogers
Therapist says "What I hear you saying..."

Therapist empowers patient to solve their own power

Gestalt: More confronted, role playing
Bio-psychological is...

Meds (Lithium, Klonopin)
What is a Lobotomy?
Severing the frontal lobe
Robert Ellis
Founder of Cognitive Therapy

Irrational & self defeating behavior, anticipatory anxiety
Abraham Maslow Rollo & Carl Rogers...
Humanist Therapist
Devoted to help person to discuss their potential & how to apply psychological growth
Erico Jones practiced...
Cognitive & Freudian

What kind of treatment goes where
Self-Help (books,audio,etc...)
What is cognitive dissonance?
An uncomfortable clash betwn. self-image, thought, beliefs, attitudes or perceptions and ones behavior.
Ethnocentrism is...
Placing ones own group or race at the center. Tending to reject all other types but ones own.
What is desensitization use for?
Treatment of Phobia
What happens when there is a diffusion of responsibility?
Ask Professor for this answer
What are Pro-social behaviors?
Pro-social behavior refers to actions that are constructive, altruistic or helpful to others
Social Psychology is ...
Studies how people behave, think and feel in a social situation