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Scientific method
A multistep technique that generates empirical knowledge, that is, knowledge derived from systematic observations of the world. There are four steps: observe, detect regularities, generate hypothesis, observe
Standard deviation
how much an individual's score differs from the mean
Essentially a prediction about the characteristic of the behavior under study. It is expressed in a testable statement
Operational Definition
definitions that specify how concepts can be observed and measured
Dependent variable
A behavior that is measured or observed in an experiment
Independent variable
The aspect of the environment that is manipulated in an experiment. It must consist of at least two condtitions
Descriptive statistics
Mathematical techniques that help researchers describe their data
Inferential statistics
Mathematical techniques that help researchers decide whether data are representative of a population or whether differences among observations can be attributed to chance
Negative correlation coefficient
The two values for the variables move in opposite directions. As one variable increases, the other variable decreases