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loss or impairment of the ordinary physical responses of sexual functions
sexual dysfunction
the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection
erectile disorder
the inability of a woman to become sexually aroused or to reach an orgasm
female sexual arousal disorder
disorders in which the person lacks sexual interest or has an active distaste for sex
sexual desire disorder
inability to achieve or sustain arousal until the end of intercourse in a person who is capable of experiencing sexual desire
sexual arousal disorder
peaking of sexual pleasure and release of sexual tension
inability to reach orgasm in a person able to experience sexual desire and maintain arousal
orgasmic disorders
inability of a man to inhibit orgasm as long as desired
premature ejaculation
involuntary muscle spasms in the outer part of the vagina that make the intercourse impossible
sexual disorders in which unconventional objects or situations cause sexual arousal
a paraphilla in which a nonhuman object is the preferred or exclusive method of achieving sexual excitement
desire to watch others having sexual relations or to spy on nude people
compulsion to expose one's genitals in public to achieve sexual arousal
compulsion to achieve sexual arousal by touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person in public situations
wearing the clothes of the opposite sex to achieve sexual gratification
transvestic fetishism
obataining sexual gratification from humiliating or physically harming the sexual partner
sexual sadism
inability to enjoy sex without accompanying emotional or physical pain
sexual masochism
desire to have sexual relations with children as the preferred or exclusive method of achieving sexual excitement
disorders that involve the desire to become, or the insistence that one really is, a member of the other biological sex
gender identity disorder
rejection of one's biological gender in childhood, along with the clothing and behavior society considers appropriate to that gender
gender indentity disorder in children
disorders in which inflexible and maladaptive ways of thinking and behaving learned early in life cause distress to the person and/or conflicts with others
personality disorders
personality disorder in which a person is withdrawn and lacks feelings for others
schizoid personality disorder
personality disorder in which the person is inappropriately suspicious and mistrustful of others
paranoid personality disorder
personality disorder in which the person in inable to make choices and decisions independently and cannot tolerate being alone
dependent personality disorder
personality disorder in which the person's fears of rejection by others leads to social isolation
avoidant personality disorder
personality in which the person has an exaggerated sense of self-importance and needs constant admiration
narcissistic personality disorder
personality disorder characterized by marked instability in self image, mood, and interpersonal relationships
borderline personality disorder
personality disorder that involves a pattern of violent, criminal, or unethical and exploitative behavior and a instability to feel affection for others
antisocial personality disorder
severe disorders in which there are disturbances of thoughts, communications, and emotions including delusion and hallucinations
schizophrenic disorders
legal term fro mentally disturbed people who are not considered responsible for their criminal action
sensory experiences in the absense of external stimulation
false beliefs about reality that have no basis in fact
schizophrenic disorder in which bizarre and childhood like behaviors are common
disorganized schizophrenia
schizophrenic disorder in which disturbed motor behavior is prominent
catatonic schizophrenic
schizophrenic disorder marked by extreme suspiciousness and complex, bizarre delusions
paranoid schizophrenia
schizophrenic disorder in which there are clear schizophrenic symtoms that don't meet the criteria for another subtype of the disorder
undifferenciated schizophrenia
a childhood disorder characterized by inattention , impulsiveness, and hyperactivity
drugs that increase ability to focus attention in children with ADHD
a childhood disorder characterized by lack of social instincts and strange motor behavior
autistic disorder