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what is the definition of personality?
an idividual's unique sat of personility traits
what is the definition of personality trait?
an individuals enduring tendency to particular types of behavior in a variety of different situations
why is the concept of personality traits controversial?
you can't empirically test what a trait is. there is no scientific way to test it
what are the five factors of the five-factor model of personality traits?
2. Neuroticism
5.openness to experience
what is agreeableness?
easy to get along with, trustworthy, straightforward, Altruism, compliance, modesty, and tenderness
what is neuroticism?
anxiety, angry hostility, depression, self-consciousness, impulsivity, vulnerability
what is extroversion?
warmth,gregariousness, assertiveness, activity, excitement seeking, positive emotion
what is conscientious?
competence, order, dutifulness, achievement striving, self-discipline, deliberation
what is openness to experience?
fantasy (active fantasy life), aesthetics (artistic interests), feelings (emotionally open), actions (flexible), ideas (intellectual), values (unconventional)
what is high vs low in agreeableness?
high = sympathetic, trusting, cooperative, modest, and straightforward
low = characterized as suspicious, antagonistic, and aggressive
what is high vs low in extroversion?
high = outgoing, sociable, upbeat, friendly, assertive, and gregarious
low = neuroticism
what is high vs low in neuroticism?
high = anxious, hostile, self concious, insecure, and vulnerable
low = extroversion
what is high vs low in conscientiousness?
high = diligent, disciplined, well-organized, punctual, and dependable
what is high vs low in openness to experience?
high = curiosity, flexibility, vivid fantasy, imaginativeness, artistic sensitivity, and unconventional attitudes
what are the four major issues for the personality theory?
1.Individual differences
2.Behavioral dynamics
3.Freedom versus determinism
4.conscious versus unconscious control of behavior
in the major issues for the personality theory, what is individual differences?
why are pple different? person=F(heredity*experience)
in the major issues for the personality theory, what is behavioral dynamics?
what determines what a person does in a situation and what is it in a situation that causes pple to react differently
in the major issues for the personality theory, what is freedom versus determinism?
you choose to do something bad therefore u get punished for it ie hell
in the major issues for the personality theory, what is concious versus unconscious control of behavior?
impulsive behavior
deciding whether or not to go to the library after class
what are the five major approaches to personality?
5.biological (behavioral genetics; Evolutionary psychology)