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Self-Regulated Learning
self-generated thoughts, feelings, and actions for attaining academic goals.
Self-regulated learners...(3 things)
1. control thoughts, feelings, behaviors
2. set goals for themselves
3. take responsibility for their lives
Self-Regulation cycle for study mastery (4 steps)
1. self-evaluation & monitoring
2. Goal setting and strategic planning
3. Strategy implemation and monitoring
4. strategic outcome monitoring
Self-Monitoring Defn.
process of observing and tracking one's behaviors and performances
2 Forms of Self-Monitoring
formal- take time and write down
informal-taking mental note
Why is self-monitoring important?
focuses attention
reveals what's working
increase motivation
Self-Evaluation Defn.
Part of the self-monitoring feed-back loop, it refers to the standars that are set and used for judging the behavior or performance that is being monitored
making rewards or punishments contingent upon reaching a certain performance standard
When setting up a self-reinforcement rewards...3 things
rewards are generally more effective
rewards must be personally meaningful
rewards only on task completion
Positive Outcomes of Time Management
Higher GPA's
Greater satisfaction
Less tension/anxiety
feeling less overwhelmed
Long-Term Planning benefits
-"see" responsibilities
-responsibilities in one place
-"see" heavy and light time
-helps organize weekly schedules
Time Planning:short term (2 Primary methods)
weekly schedules
daily "to do" lists
Weekly schedules
do at least one week in advance
include all preset activities first
schedule time to reach goals
be consistent with semester planner
Goal Setting
Something toward which you work, something you want to attain; an endpoint you desire
Benefits of Goal Setting
performance improvements, anxiety is down,confidence goes up, motivational effort goes up
Smartest Goal Setting System
Set short and long term goals
Measureable goals
Achievement Strategies
Realisic Goals
Target obstacles
Exhibit goals
Seek support
Time-bound goals
Potential Goal Setting Problems
-set too many goals
-set general rather than specific goals
-fail to monitor progress
-fail to modify unrealistic goals or ineffective achievement strategies
A cognitive and behavioral approach to life that involves:
-taking control of your life and making decisions for self
-knowing what you can and cannot change
-following through on commitments
-investing yourself fully in each experience
-delaying short term gratification