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3 functional families of neurochemicals
transmitter substances, hormones, neuromodulators
hormones are found in…
hormones are controlled by
pituitary is controlled by
…change effectiveness of transmitters
separate emotional systems use…
…specific chemical messengers
serotonin is a…
serotonin and SRIs work on…
…limbic system
in non-clinical populations, SSRIs
cause less hostility and negative affect
what is activated by SSRIs in normal people?
subgenual cingulate
what is activated by SSRIs in depressed people?
prefrontal cortex
peptides affect...
peptides increase activity in…
…limbic system
nucleus accumbens is central to experience of…
…positive affect
nucleus accumbens has many ____ and ___ pathways
dopamine and opioid
dopamine released… response to and in anticipation of reward/pleasure
wanting is associated with
nucleus accumbens and dopamins
liking is associated with
oxytocin promotes…
oxytocin is not involved in…