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appraisal is a…
…cost/benefit assessment
Arnold says that withot appraisal…
…you can't have emotion
what determines appraisal?
past experiences and goals
appraisals are…
…sense judgments
according to Arnold, what do bodily changes cayse?
unpleasant tension that motivates action
Arnold says that every emotion…
has its own pattern of physiological activity and motivates behavior in different ways
Arnold says that emotions serve…
…survival purposes
perception-->physiological responses
appraisal's effect on stress
can reduce (cognitive coping strategies)
Lazarus's theory is called the…
cognitive-motivational-relational theory
Lazarus says that emotions…
…are responses to the perceived environment that help us cope adaptively
According to Lazarus, appraisals refer to…
…the specific implications to the individual
Lazarus says that any encounter will result in…
…several appraisals, which combine to reveal the relational meaning
Zajonc says emotions can be generated without…
Mandler is similar to Schachter in that…
ANS arousal is important in emotion
For Mandler, emotion starts when…
…ANS is aroused (especially sympathetic)
TO Mandler, SNS activation happens when…
there is an interruption ongoing plans and actions
2 functions of SNS activation
prepare organism physically and mentally
To Mandler, emotion is…
…interaction of SNS arousal and cognitive interpretation of it
Oatley and Johnson-Laird
Communicative theory of emotion
According to Oatley and Johnson-Laird, 2 kinds of module communication are…
…propositional and emotional
propositional communication
emotional communication can…
…interrupt propositional communication
To Oatley & Johndon-Laird, emotions are…
..states of readiness to respond to environment
To Oatley & Johndon-Laird, emotions arise when…
Plans are interrupted or fulfilled
Roseman proposes…
5 dimensions and 14 emotions
Roseman says that dimensions determine…
whether an emotion will occur and what that emotion will be
5 dimensions (Roseman)
situational state, probability, agency, motivational state, power
situational state
are events consistent with your motives?
how certain are you of a particular outcome?
who is responsible for events?
motivational state
do events involve reward or punishment?
do you see yourself as weak or strong?