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IQ an achievement are identical.
Children with LD's have below average intelligence in most cases.
Children with LD's have average to above average intelligence but something hinders them.
List 5 facts about ADHD
Primary deficit is that can't focus and follow directions without getting distracted.

Display age inappropriate symptoms and cannot control behavior according to the situation.

Usually diagnosed by age 7

Must display symptons across multiple settings.
What are some associated problems with ADHD?
Executive fns:

cognitive processes - memory, planning, organization.

language processes - complete sentences, pronouns.

motor processes - follow through with a crazy action without thinking about consequences.

emotion processes - easily frustrated
Name some factors that influence attention
Fagigue, complexity, being confined, level of stimulation, reward immediaty and frequency, adult presence
What are some causes associated with ADHD
Genetics, birth complications, malnutrition, smoke and alcohol, PB
Describe the Coercive Process
A difficult child gets negative comments from parents. Positive behaviors get no mention. Kid continues neg because that gets attention. Bad things get reinforced. Parent backs off and child does not have to do HW. Both are negatively reinforced.
Explain how parent and child get negatively reinforced in Coercive Process
Child because he does not have to do HW when parent backs of. Parent because does not have to deal with child. Somethin aversive was taken away.
Which treatment is most effective for ADHD
Combination of medication and behavioral instruction
What type of behavioral tasks help in ADHD?
Simplify Task
Give rewards right away
Build interest
Use incentives
Flexible and comfortable
What other 2 maladies are associated with ADHD?
Depression and Suicide

Also low self esteem

80% qualify for learning disorder
What symptoms are necessary to be diagnosed with ADHD according to DSM-IV?
Appear before age 7
Occur > than in same age child

Last 6 months

Occur across settings

Hinder performance
What are the 2 lists of symptoms for ADHD?
Inattention (can't keep consistent effort.
Poor concentration

What complaints are common from parents of ADHD Children?
Won't listen or follow instructions.

Doesn't finish and is easily distracted


Active but accomplishes little.

Can't follow social rules and leads to > conflicts.
Most children with ADHD have normal to above average intelligence.

The difficulty is in applying that intelligence to everyday situations.
Which Executive Functions are problems for ADHD's?
Cognitive Processes - Plan, think, organize.

Motor - control actions
In addition to the primary problems of ADHD, what other problems do they have?
Cognitive Deficits
Language Deficits
Social Problems

Many children with ADHD have a LD typically in spelling, reading, or match
What disorders are comorbid with ADHD?
ODD and CD
Anxiety and Depression
With respect to ADHD, boys show more hyperactivity, agression, and antisocial behavior whereas girls show inattention, anxiety, depression, stress, and lower IQ scores.
T/FMost infants with a difficult temperament develoop ADHD
What is the primary approach to ADHD?
Stimulant Medication
Parent Management Training
Educational Intervention
Treatments must be in school and at home
What is the coercive process and what is it based on?
Parent drops off demands when child gets aggressive.

Works through POSITIVE Reinforcement.
How must punishment be delivered for it to be effective?
Must be across settings
Must be across people delivering it

Must be consistent. Inconsistent punishment is worse than no punishment.
List 5 facts about Conduct Disorder
Show lack of empathy and remorse.

Are impulsive and insensitive

Likely to go on to Antisocial Personality Dx

60% CD's have ADHD

Depression and BP and alcohol abuse >
What goes on in Home/Community Based Therapy?
Based in town where child lives

Staff is married couple trained in behavior analysis

Teach academic skills and living skills.
How does Treatment work in Home/Community Based Therapy?
Step 1
Earn points for good behavior
Lose points for bad behavior

Step 2
Merit System - if behavior is good, get all privileges.

Homeward Bound - Parents are taught skills and how to negotiate with each other.

56% Controls get arrested again.

19% from here get arrested again. Maintain over time.