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reliability vs. validity
reliability=> consistent
validity=> measuring what it is supposed to measure
Aptitude tests
SAT, ACT test ability to profit from instruction
Terman's longitudinal study of the gifted
people with high IQs are well adjusted, happy people
mainstreaming in education
Mentally retarded in regular school system. They were not in the regular school system at first, but now are mainstreamed.
percentage of variability in school grades accounted for by IQ
Culture fair tests
questions do not penalize individuals whose cultural background and/or language differs from that of the White middle and upper class
what twin and adoption studies investigate
herritability of behavior
Arthur Jensen's claim
difference of IQ of genetics
The Flynn Effect
steady increases in IQ (3pts per decade), higher standard of living = higher IQ
Stages in problem-solving process
preparation->problem is understood, consciously thought through

incubation=> put it on the back burner

illumination=> solution filters up to consciousness

translation=> solution is checked
Tests of creativity
unusual uses, consequences, words
Flaw of the original IQ formula
older people penalized
Processing speed and its relationship to intelligence
higher processing speed = higher IQ
Whether a high IQ can protect teens from unsafe sexual behaviors
the groups who tend to get mistakenly placed in special education programs
poor and minority
whether a child's IQ more closely resembles biological or adoptive parents