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Indications for antipsychotics (7)
schizoaffective disorder
drug-induced psychosis
acute mania
psychotic depression
alcohol withdrawl
Major brain site of disorder in psychosis
limbic system
Onset of schizophrenia?
early adolescence - early adult
Birth complications that may contribute?
viral infection in 2nd semester
Schizophrenia Diagnosis
2 or more sx present for 1 month:
disorganized speech
disorganized/catatonic behavior
negative symptoms
When do you only need 1 sx present?
if bizarre delusions or running-commentary hallucinations
Types of schizophrenia
paranoid, disorganized, catatonic, undifferentiated, residual, schizoaffective
Positive target sx?
hallucinations, delusions, agitation, paranoia, combativeness, loose associations
Negative target sx?
flat affect, social withdrawl, amotivation, mutism, poverty of speech, catatonia
Cognitive target sx?
memory, attention, judgement
Schizophrenia work-up
Hx & diagnosis assessment
Drug history
Alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, herbals
Past psych meds
Labs: CBC, electrolytes, FBG, LFT, lipid profile, Thyroid, renal, EKG if >50yo
Neuropsych tests that should be performed
GAF, brief psychiatric rating scale, QOL scale, AIMS, positive & negative syndrome scale items
What is an adequate trial for APs?
4-6 weeks
D2 receptor occupancy for:
How long treated for first break? For multiple breaks?
1 yr

5 yr
AP effects at 1-3 days?
improved eating & sleeping; reduced agitation, hostility, and anxiety
AP effects at 1-2 weeks?
increases socialization & ADL
AP effects at 3-6 weeks?
decreased hallucinations and delusions; improved thinking and appropriate talk
Effects of atypicals at nigrostriatial pathway?
5HT2-a antagonists promote dopamine release and less DA receptor block, therefore reduced EPS
Effects of atypicals at mesocortical pathway?
reverses dopamine antagonism & blocks 5HT2-a receptors, therefore dopamine release and reduced negative sx
Effects of atypicals at tuberofundibular pathway?
doapmine inhibits prolactin levels and 5HT2-a increases release, therefore no lactation
Effects of atypicals at mesolimbic pathway?
D2 block is NOT reversed so positive sx are reduced