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What are "health psychology" and "behavioral medicine"?
Health psychology focuses on what types of behavior promote health and wellness and prevent illness and disability.

ie two people surrounded by someone sick yet they both dont become ill.

Behavioral medicine is a broader for of health psychology yet uses behavior as a form of Rx to treat disease and illness.
What were the different thoughts on mind/body connection and illness across hx?

ie middle ages

ie renaissance

ie last 100 years

When did biomedical approach and mind/body dualism start?
middle ages 475-1450 - illness was a way god punished sinners. tx involved beating/burning the devil etc...

Renaissance 1450-1600 - challenges the religeous themes of the past. Bilmedical model started and mind/body dualism (which is keeping mind seperate fr body). This led to the western world resisting mind/body connection.

Contemporary - accepted that mind is not always separate from the body
Describe Freuds research on:

Conversion disorders (give def and ex)

Psychosomatic disorders (give def and ex)
Freud worked w pts who had physical disabilities w no medical reason. He found that the origin of these disorders was psychological trauma.

Conversion Disorder - physical disorder w no physiological basis and caused by mental conflict or trauma.

ie inability to speak caused by mental trauma)

Psychosomatic illness - physical sx are real but caused is psychological in nature.

Ie stress ulcer
What is stress?

Give example of stressors
Psycho-physiologic state when we are faced w events we perceive to be threatening either physically or emotionally

ie traffic, $, talk w loved ones, or even pending wedding
Descr what "coping and adaptation" to stress" are?
Cognitive or behavioral responses people employ to manage stress. It is a reaction to a stress (percieved threat) and how we adapt to it
Dr Negys study of coping mechanisms amongst prison inmates found 13 coping mechanisms.

Name 2 assoc w higher depression and low self esteem?
Denial - denying there is a problem

Behavior disengagement - Withdrawing from activities
Dr Negys study of coping mechanisms amongst prison inmates found 13 coping mechanisms.

Descr 2 healthy coping mechanisms:

Problem focused

Emotion focused

What was common factor among those who were better adjusted?
Problem focused - Confronting strategies to do something to eliminate or alter stressor. If stressor can be chgd (ie job) would use this.

Emotion focused - Doing something to reduce or manage emotional distress one feels in response to a stressor. If cant chg (ie death) would employ this.

Better adjustment assoc w employing wide range of coping mechanisms.
List some "proven steps to a longer life."
1 - avoid saturated fats

2 - no drinking (or limit to one a day)

3 - Exercise 30-60 minutes

4 - Avoid sun

5 - Practice safe sex

6 - Eat more fruirs and veggies