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D babies
lack of strategy
appear disorganized/disoriented in mildly stressful situation
seeks and rejects and avoids comfort from caregiver
D baby parents
Unresolved trauma
Mental illness
Beh is frightening to child
Is both source and solution to resolving feelings of fearfulness
Why attachment problem is a problem
Definitonal problems
1.little research on clinical diagnosis and treatment
2.DSM not empiricially based data
3.definition of attachment dis
Reactive Attachment Disorder
before age 5, marked disturbed and dev't inappropriate patterns of social relatedness
RAD types
inhibited: fails to initiate and respond in social interactions
disinhibited: indiscriminatly sociable and not selective in attachment figures
Problems w/ RAD diagnosis
focused on aberrant beh bu tnot attachment relationship (could have RAD w/ mom but positive rel w/ other adults)
DSM=person centered, this is relationship
"pathogenic care"not well operationalized
beh observed cant be explained solely by dev't delays, but both have same risk factors