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Definition: Pharmacokinetics
Study of the movement of drugs through the body
Different routes of drug administration
Orally. Rectally. Parentally (sringe/needle). Inhaled. Absorption- skin & mucous membrane.
Drug administration- fastest and slowest
Fastest- Inhaling, intravenous, parentally

Slowest- Absorption, rectal, orally.
circulatory system, how blood circulates around the body.
Deoxygenated blood enters right Atrium, right Ventricle, then Lungs, oxygenated blood then goes to left Atrium, left Ventricle, goes to aorta then the brain and rest of body.
Organs involved in metabolism and excretion
Liver- metabolizes.. Kidneys, stomach, intestines, lungs, sweat, breast milk.
How many half-lives to reach 25% concentration in body?
2 (goes from 100, half is 50, half is 25.. 2 half lifes)
Parts involved in Central Nervous System
Brain & Spinal Cord.
Peripheral Nervous System
Nerves that connect the CNS to the rest of the body.
Sympathetic Nervous System
Stress. Fight or Flight. Survival skills. Stimulates body.
Parasympthetic Nervous System
Peace. Rest & Digest. Relaxes us, slows heart.
4 basic functions of the lobes in brain
Occiptal- vision, sensory
Temporal- store of visual objects.
Parietal- Finding here things are, sptial objects.
Frontal- Problem solving, planning, rational thinking.
Functions of brain regions. Hippocampus, amygdala, thalamus, reticular formation, hypothalamus.
Hippocampus- memories
Amygdala- Emotions
Thalamus- Organization
Reticular formation- wakes brain up.
Hypothalamus- Fighting, fleeing, feeding, fucking.
Main neurotransmitters & where they are made.
ACH, glutamate, GABA, dopamine, norepherine, serotonin.
ACH- 3 places
Glutamate- ALL over
GABA- ALL over
Dopamine- 2 places
Norepinephreine- 1 place
Seratonin- 1 place
Drugs & N.T.'s.. ACH, Glutamate, GABA, dopamine
ACH- curare (antagonist)
-Botox- antagonist
-nerve gas- agonist
Glutamate- MSG- agonist
- PCP- antagonist
-CO- agonist
GABA (inhibitory)- antianxiety- agonists

Dopamine- MAO & COMT
Metabolic tolerance
liver breaks down drug faster as more is administered
Pharmacodynamic tolerance
brain receptors decrease or less stimulated over time
Behavioral conditioning
conditioning to a context. location of where youre drinking affects high.
Drug interactons-
Additive Interactions
2 drugs stimulate you and add together.
Drug A (5) + drug b (5)= 10
Hyperadditive interactions
Sum is way more than additive of 2 drugs. 5 + 15 = 40. High
1 stimulant, 1 supressant. Counteract each other. lands you in between