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What are the characteristics of mental illness?
Disordered behavior or thinking, indicating ongoing distress and the inability to cope; the distress is real but the categories for labeling it are social constructions, and it may be biologically or environmentally based
What was neurasthenia?
An early 20th century mental disorder for women - disorders of the body due to weakness of female reproductive system
What were the benefits of the diagnosis of hysteria?
It helped create the vibrator because orgasms were the treatment.
What are the five theories about why women are more prone to depression?
Feminine role hypothesis, relationship difficulties hypothesis, stress hypothesis, hormone hypothesis, and the developmental hypothesis.
What is panic disorder?
The experience of panic attacks that occur without warning
What is agoraphobia?
A strong fear of venturing out in public - in the US, women account for up to 82% of the cases
What is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?
A reaction to severe emotional trauma, characterized by later symptoms such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, and nightmares - it was originally formulated to diagnose male combat veterans
What is 'delusional dominating personality disorder'?
It was the feminist response to PMDD - a diagnosis for controlling men
Does the experience of menopause vary across cultures?
What is Kõnenki?
Japanese 'path of blood'
What recent information has led to discontinuing wide use of HRT?
Research shows that HRT is linked to increased risk of breast, endometrial, and ovarian cancer, as well as strokes and heart disease
What are two consequences of sex that women are more likely to suffer?
We are more likely to suffer negative consequences such as pregnancy or STD's, as well as facing the double standard of 'slut' vs 'stud'
What are the Masters and Johnson four phases of sex?
Excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution - this basic process is the same for men and women
Is the ability to orgasm genetic or psychosocial?
According to a 2005 twin study, it was found to be 34% to 45% genetic
According to Dr. Traenkle, what is the most common STD?
In 2002, what was the average age at 1st intercourse?
17.4 years
In 2002, what was the average age at first marriage?
26.2 years
What does a PAP smear check for?
Abnormal cells caused by HPV
What is one beneficial side effect of birth control pills?
It appears to decrease risk of ovarian cancer
What is one detrimental side effect of the depo-provera injection?
It can thin your bone-density with long-term use