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goal of existential?
expand self-awareness, increase choiice potential, help client eperience authentic existence, and accept responsibilty
Existential therapy does not:
place emphasis on relationship with client, stress personal freedom, not a well deinfed set of procedures, not place primary emphasis on awareness
function of therapist
to understand client's subjective world
what does is emphasize
philisophical terms of what it is to be human
philisophical assumptions of exist. approach:
humans must create their own meaning through choice and ppl are thrust into a meaningless world and are alone
what is Frankl's approach?
Rollo may did not believe we could escape reality by exercising freedom
we create our own destination and life situations
Nietzsche talked about
herd morality and will power
4 facts about existential
therapist is core of therapy, no set techniques, stresses I/Thou encounter, and uses many diff techniques
person centered therapy is best described as
a set on tentative principles describing how the therapy process develops
Dialouge echnique used when:
rxperiencing internal conflict
limitations of gestalt
not solid theory and does not focus on cognitions
therapist congruence means the therapist is
is transference important in person-centered
person-centered focues on
person-centered therapist is A
person centered __ more important than ___
Rogers says that caring confrontations can be
theme in rogers writings
faith in capacity of individuals to develop in a constructive manner if a climate of trust is established
a person centered therapist must be ___ with client
60's and 70's rogers developed
personal growth groups
founder of gestalt
what is of and by itself therapeutic in gestalt therapy?
besic goal of gestalt
to help client move from environmental support to self-support
therapist pays attn to
clients nonverbal language
Review gestalt resistances
retroflection, projection, introjection, confluence, deflection
gestalt does not focus on: