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Counselors who work with culturally diverse population shou be aware of:
own heritage, different techniques to use, clients culture, and own assumptions about values.
What is not an experiential and relationship oriened therapy?
family systems.
What is an authentic counselor?
THey are real and shed stereotypes.
counselors should not impose values on client but...
are likely to expose them.
Culturally encapsulated counselors depend on ______ to decide what is good for others.
their own values
Who views diagnosises are oppressive and ignore the social context?
postmodern and feminist
What is regression
reverting back to less mature stages.
What happens at the phallic stage?
THere is sexual conflict resolution and sex-rold identification.
Description of anal stage
lots of hostility, anger, destruction
What is the "fundamental rule" in psychoanalysis?
free association
What is rationalization
giving reasons why you failes or explaining a bruised ego
What is compensation?
masking perceived weakness or developing traits to make up for limitations.
What is an example of sublimation?
redirecting sexual behavior into another creative behavior like drawing.
When does the electra and oedipus complex happen?
Phallic stage.
Self psych and obj. relations emphasize what?
influence of childhood on later life and origins,transformations, organizational functions and deifferentiation of self and others.
What is the role of a breif psycholanalytic therapist?
to be active and formulate a focus that goes beyond the surface.
main function of the ego
a mediator between impulses and environment.
What does Ego psychology emphasize?
striving of ego for mastery and competency throughout life and it deals with early and later developments
Basic struggle in early childhood
autonomy vs. shame and doubt.
What age does initiative vs. guilt happen?
pre-school age
Despaired and hopeless ppl have not achieved ___ in the ___ stage of life.
During separation and indivduation process what happens? and what theory is this a part of?
Child moves away from symbiotic forms of relations (obj. relat. theory)
Psychoanalysis provides therapists with?
a conceptual framework for looking at behavior an understanding origins and functions of present smmptoms
Who developed ob. re. view that focuses of separation and individuation
When does counertransference occur?
when the therapist reacts to client and it interferes with objectivity aor they are using the client to meet their own needs.
Client is asked to not do this during psychoanalytic therapy
make any drastic/sudden changes in lifestyle.
Maintaining analytic framework refers to the:
whole rnage of procedural factors in treatment process, analysts' relative anonymity, minimizes departures from changes in fees and regular consistency of meetings.
True or false: client does not usually lay on the couch during psychoanalytic therapy
Ob. relat. theory states that later relationships build on:
child's search of reconnection with mothers.
What are some goals of freuian therapy
to make unconscious conscious and strengthen ego.
Results of client therapist relationship in psychoanalytic therapy?
client aquires insight, understands connection btwn past and present, and awareness is increased.
What are the techniques of psychoanalytic therapy aimed at?
fostering insights into client's behavior.
Freudian view of human nature is:
What is the libido?
energy of all life instincts
What constitutes the largest part of our psychological functioning?
Ego defense mechanisms do not imply
Who came up with the idea of infantile sexuality?
Phallic stage occurs from ages
do analytic therapists view the transference relationship as a factor that results from the ineffective intervention on therapists part?
Analytic therapists are
very open and listen carefully (do not do the whole blank slate thing or remain anonymous to foster transference)
Analytically oriented therapists interperet:
dreams, free association, resistance, and transference