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walter bingham..
developed army general classification test
situation stress test for secret service
pilot selection and training
1964 civil rights act
title 7: human resources
unfair to discriminate in work contexts

Federal Uniform Guidelines: 1978, companies accountable for fairness in personal decisions
i/o psych has mirrored trends in psych...
2.cognivite revolution

also work-family balance, career dev't, virtual teams, muliticulturalism
correlational research
used more than 67% of time in i/o; surveys, questionnaires, ratings

cannot tell causality (rare in i/o; requires manipulation, random assign)
classical test theory
X= T + E

X: observed score
T: true score
E: error

goal for X=T, no effor
measuring something consistenly?

>.70 is acceptable
Test Retest
stability of measure over time

same people, correlation of time 1 and time 2

not stable if score widly differ in 2 tests
Parellel forms reliability
consistncy from 1 version with another version

2 versions to same people

correlation of form 1 and form 2
Inter-rater reliability
consistency with which people prove ratings

2 raters provide ratings of same people

correlation of scores given by rater 1 and rater 2
Internal consistency
consistnecy of responses to items within a measure

split half reliability: divide a measure into 2 (eved/odd); calculate correlation
coefficient alpha
average of all possible split halves

trends across reponses across individual items

can identify problematic items
measuring what we intend to memasure?

construct validity: how well instrument measures abstract quality
content validity
logic/conceptual evidence

samping the domain the construct represents
convergent and discriminant validity
statistical evidence

measure variable of interest and related (convergent) and unrelated (discr)

calculate correlation:
convergent: corr. should be positive
discri: corr. should be zero
correlation coefficient
<. 10 is trivial
.10<r<.30 is weak
.30<r<.50 is moderate
r>.50 is strong
coefficient of determination
proportion of variance in 1 of our variables that is accounted for by the other variable

extent 2 variables are correlated

stronger the relationship, the greater r^2
multiple regression
relative stregnth of predictors when examined at same time

use equation to predict scores on criterion given the scores on the predictors
multiple regression equation
Y= B1X1 + B2X2 + C

Y is criterion (what we want to predict)
Bs are beta weights for each predictor (interpret as correlation)
Xs are values for predictors
summarize research findings on a specific relationship

very subjective; study of studies, quantitative summary of emprical studies

find published and unpublished articles, calculate weighted average of correlations by sample size, arrive at more accurate conclusion regarding relationship