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features of within subject design
2 or more levels of IV
1 group of participants, exposed to all levels of IV; each person recieves all levels of IV
no random assignment
repeated measures of DV
1.require fewer participants
2.equate groups before IV is administered
3.more power than B-S design; reduces error variance
logic of experimentation
have f-ratio approximate 1.0 prior to introducing IV (no difference among groups other than IV)

same ppl in control and exp. groups
carryover effects

1.order effects: participation in 1 condition influences results of later condition
2.practice effects:learn how to perform task in 1st measurement of DV (later performance will be better)
3.fatigue: get tired (later performance will be worse)
counterbalancing goal
=distribute carryover effects equally across treatments so do not act as confound
include all possible combinations of levels
each level must appear equally often and equal number of times