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3 misconceptions of psy/psych careers
1.Dont understand ed.requirements. Believe daily life experiences provide adequate training (common sense)
2.psych and psychiatrists for only weak minded
3.Public Paradox: want to know answers to big questions, but fear what psy.might reveal. Dont understand science doesnt answer big questions
Misconceptions of psych pervasive?
Children have similar perceptions.
Faculty @OD believed psy.required less expertise than hard sciences->associated it w/ mental illness and treatments
Why misconceptions in psy (3)
1.Focus on content (provide little about how to think about the content)
2.Lessons on evlauating evidence are implicit
3.Fail to correct misconceptions about psy as science, process, and career
3 possible relationships b/w science and religion
1.Conflicting Worlds Model (faith scopes trial)
2.Same Worlds Model (religion and science=2 ways of examining same reality. popular among mainstream theologians,religios leaders, scientists)
3.Separate Worlds Model (science and religion neither in conflict,nor in agreement. best reason to keep spearate-> radically different methods)
Mind v. Body Debate
-What is mind?(had to make inferences)
--biology (v.body)
--religion (v.soul)
--philosophy(=mind reflection of reality)
3 sections overlap,MIND cross section of all
-What is mind made of?
--Physical matter v.Spiritual matter
-Who should give advice?
--Early scientists, philosophers, academics.